Illicit Drugs: Australian Sports Intervene While WADA Spectates

australian rugby

The World Anti-Doping Authority looks on from the sidelines in case there is an opportunity to punish athletes’ involvement with illicit drugs out of competition.

The Best of “Sports Explained . . .” for 2014


If you make only one resolution in 2015, make sure you resolve to checkout our “Sports Explained…” series every week. We promise you’ll flip over them— you’re welcome!

From The Frontlines . . . of Sports: Richard Peralta’s Rugby Story

Rugby - GMP

Richard Peralta, on the New Zealand All Blacks vs. USA Eagles match at Soldier Field that was particularly meaningful for him as a gay rugby player and fan of the game

Sports Explained: Rugby

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Wai Sallas enlightens us on the sport of Rugby.

Life is Not a Video Game

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There have been a lot of arguments claiming that violence in video games is the reason for our societal ills, but B.K. Mullen says that sometimes a game is just a game.

How PhysEd Destroyed My Confidence—And How I Got It Back Again


The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand promotes physical fitness through its BE ACTIVE campaign: Do what you can, enjoy what you do, be active and move your mood.

How Does Masculinity Lead a Man to Depression?

rugby scrum

Kurt Bird knows very well about the scars that name-calling and verbal abuse leave behind.


photo by tc57

For some people, being uncompetitive at competitive sports runs in the family.

He’s a New Kind of Queen

The Notorious OMG

Rudy Flesher, drag performer, won’t wear a wig or shave his beard—and that doesn’t make him any less of a queen.

Rugby Faces the Same Challenges as Football


The 6 Nations Championship kicked off this month. Liam Day says it’s the perfect opportunity to look at the issue of sports-related brain injuries from a different perspective.

Guys: Check Your Balls


Are testicular exams women’s work?

Muslim Mosh Pit


Young American men have sanctioned outlets for rage and rebellion their counterparts in conservative Islam do not.

It Takes More Than Sperm to Make a Father

Christopher Banks and his dad, Father's Day

An adopted child says biology is irrelevant when it comes to fatherhood.

The Curious Case of Chris Birch

I highly recommend you check out Law and Sexuality is a blog by Chris Ashford, a reader in Law and Society, that “seeks to explore law and sexuality in a broad socio-legal framework” if that kind of thing interests you (for what my recommendation is worth anyway). He  has an interesting post up about Chris Birch […]

Did a Stroke “Turn” a British Rugby Player Gay?

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According to The Guardian, a young Welsh man who had a stroke woke up to realize he wasn’t attracted to women.

Adventures in Football Nostalgia


Phil Keenan reminisces the simplicity of being a young sports fan, when he received his first jersey and football.