Why We Run #38: For Cassie (and Those Affected by Juvenile Arthritis)

Dave Porte runs to raise awareness and funds to fight Juvenile Arthritis, and for his daughter, Cassie.

Running Across the Grand Canyon is a Lesson in Humility

The Grand Canyon is not there to entertain us… Apparently I was wrong.

Why We Run #24: For Marianne

We run because she asked us to run, because she can’t anymore, and we can.

Getting Back in Shape—Duke Fightmaster Style

Just trick yourself into it—running, yoga, and getting back in shape—just put on your jogging shorts and go.

Why I’ve Started Keeping Running Shoes by the Door

Landry Ayers on the mental commitment it takes to get off the couch.

Call For Submissions: Why We Run

The Good Men Project Wants To Know: Why do YOU run?

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One man’s story of how running enriched his life in unexpected ways.

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How Male Bonding Strengthens Culture

In a small town in South India, men run together to build a stronger, healthier society.

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Running One Mile Everyday for a Year

Take it one day at a time and see how much closer you get to your goals.

4 Minute Mile: Knees and Plans

I am in no way squished like a grape (yet), and though this quest may ultimately end up squishing me like a vat of grapes and turning me into wine, I am more excited than ever

Prioritize Your Body, Train Your Mind and Welcome Spirit

Spiritual Fitness is about Body, Mind, Spirit–but what does that look like in your daily life?

4 Minute Mile: WHY???

Our hero is going to the gym to get one step closer to a 4 minute mile

4 Minute Mile: Catching Up

Our runner and his son set out to train for a 4 minute mile