Get the Most Out of Your Run: 5 Post Workout Snacks For Runners

Why you need to eat 30 minutes after your run, and what to eat for best recover. Kim McDevitt, MPH, RD and fellow runner has the scoop.

Are Two-Faced Runners Pulling A Fast One?

In the running world, getting older is starting to look a lot better, at least on the clock. — It recently came to my attention that vinyl LPs are making a comeback. And they’re not the only thing from the halcyon days experiencing an unlikely resurgence. With a pair of running shoes and Internet access, […]

I Like To Run With Mosquitoes

Sean Swaby on how pesky bugs can prove to be a pretty good motivator.

5 Business Lessons I Learned From Running 100 Miles in the Snow

A test of physical and mental endurance and its lessons apply far beyond the trail.

Project Ultramayhem

You may experience hallucinations. You will get beat up. Christopher White explores the intersection between the cult classic film Fight Club and the boom in ultrarunning.

I Aspire to Quads of Steel, Because—Especially Around Bears—Steel is Good.

Chevy’s new video illustrates the benefit of a steel cage in a way that is thought-provoking—and hilarious.

Runner’s Highjinks

Christopher White looks at whether “runner’s high” is real or just a gimmick from the era of lava lamps and moon rocks.

The Spiritual Dangers of Treadmill Televisions

Ragan Sutterfield believes watching T.V. while running defeats the purpose of the spirituality of running. What do you think? — To run is to feel freedom, not confinement, but sometimes the cold or the heat or the rain moves us indoors and onto the lumbering whir of the machines in the gym, lined up in […]

Why We Run #29: Because It’s Here

I’m not running away from something. I’m running up and over something: mountains (real or imagined) that stand in my way.

Ron Clarke: A Distance Running Superstar For Whom Olympic Glory Proved Elusive

Ron Clarke, the Australian distance running champion who died last week aged 78, was a colossus of the track in the 1960s. However, his superstardom and phenomenal gift for breaking records was overshadowed by his lack of success at Olympic level. David Saunders reports.

My Son Does LSD (And I Encourage Him)

Doug Gertner encourages his son to go on a long trip of self discovery and balance.

Why We Run #27: To Break Heartbreak

I ran, because I wasn’t going to let heartbreak get me down.

Ever Run Like Indiana Jones?

I don’t run. And if you ever see me run, you should start running too. Because something is probably chasing me.

Why We Run: A Quarter Mile For Your Thoughts

Some people run because they have to, some because they want to, some because they are running from their past and some because they’re running to a future. What’s your reason? — The Good Men Project Sports asked Why We Run?  In this feature series, we share your answers. Here are the latest five pieces. — “Any […]

Why We Run #26: Divorce Therapy

Running can be a container for our anger and hurt.

Are you Running Backwards?

Sometimes I run backwards. And even sideways.