4 Ways Sweat Equity Strengthened My Marriage

Having your husband as your workout partner can add a new layer of commitment and closeness to your relationship.

Running One Mile Everyday for a Year

Take it one day at a time and see how much closer you get to your goals.

4 Minute Mile: Knees and Plans

I am in no way squished like a grape (yet), and though this quest may ultimately end up squishing me like a vat of grapes and turning me into wine, I am more excited than ever

Prioritize Your Body, Train Your Mind and Welcome Spirit

Spiritual Fitness is about Body, Mind, Spirit–but what does that look like in your daily life?

4 Minute Mile: WHY???

Our hero is going to the gym to get one step closer to a 4 minute mile

4 Minute Mile: Catching Up

Our runner and his son set out to train for a 4 minute mile

How To Go The Distance: 5 Things Running Has Taught Me

Luis Velasquez on how running made him realize how strong he was.

4 Minute Mile: The Hammy (Part 1?)

Training for the 4 Minute Mile, could a leg injury slow our runner? Maybe a potential running partner will help.

4 Minute Mile: Speed?

The 4 Minute Mile movie provided some direction. Sprinting on an indoor track helped me push forward.

4 Minute Mile: Distraction

Apparently, 3.5 hours of sleep + no lunch = not a ton of energy for running.

Staying On Your Path

Chris Forte on making a clean path for himself and others.

4 Minute Mile: Mundane But Fast

“To quote Running Times magazine: ‘Sixty years after Roger Bannister first broke 4 minute mile, the barrier remains a landmark achievement for runners.’ GO FOR IT…”—email from my Dad.

4 Minute Mile: A Coach?

View image | gettyimages.com   “Your Brandeis “lacrosse” shorts are ideal for running. However, since you are a professional runner (the 4-minute mile) I can see that you need “special” shorts.”—My dad, in an email response to my post about needing new shorts (I find his use of quotation marks funny because the shorts literally say […]

4 Minute Mile: Going Uphill

View image | gettyimages.com     “What do you think your biggest problems will be?”—My friend Bill “My body and my general lack of speed.”—Me __ Last Friday I received an email from the coach to whom I reached out. He wrote “I’ll help if I can but I’m not sure what you’re really looking for […]

4 Minute Mile: My Next Step, in New Shorts

“If you make any money from these articles, how much do I get for providing you with quotable lines? I think 50% is fair.”—My dad

4 Minute Mile: Because Between 40 and 60 is When Heart Attacks Happen

“Have you gone to a doctor and had a physical? Because between 40 and 60 is when all the heart attacks happen”—My dad