Runner’s Highjinks


Christopher White looks at whether “runner’s high” is real or just a gimmick from the era of lava lamps and moon rocks.

The Spiritual Dangers of Treadmill Televisions


Ragan Sutterfield believes watching T.V. while running defeats the purpose of the spirituality of running. What do you think? — To run is to feel freedom, not confinement, but sometimes the cold or the heat or the rain moves us indoors and onto the lumbering whir of the machines in the gym, lined up in […]

Why We Run #29: Because It’s Here


I’m not running away from something. I’m running up and over something: mountains (real or imagined) that stand in my way.

Ron Clarke: A Distance Running Superstar For Whom Olympic Glory Proved Elusive


Ron Clarke, the Australian distance running champion who died last week aged 78, was a colossus of the track in the 1960s. However, his superstardom and phenomenal gift for breaking records was overshadowed by his lack of success at Olympic level. David Saunders reports.

My Son Does LSD (And I Encourage Him)


Doug Gertner encourages his son to go on a long trip of self discovery and balance.

Why We Run #27: To Break Heartbreak

LashawnPagan_Marathon day 2010

I ran, because I wasn’t going to let heartbreak get me down.

Ever Run Like Indiana Jones?

Ever Run Like by Jeff Krause

I don’t run. And if you ever see me run, you should start running too. Because something is probably chasing me.

Why We Run: A Quarter Mile For Your Thoughts

Quarter Mile

Some people run because they have to, some because they want to, some because they are running from their past and some because they’re running to a future. What’s your reason? — The Good Men Project Sports asked Why We Run?  In this feature series, we share your answers. Here are the latest five pieces. — “Any […]

Why We Run #26: Divorce Therapy


Running can be a container for our anger and hurt.

Are you Running Backwards?


Sometimes I run backwards. And even sideways.

I’m A Better Man Because I Chose Running


Running is breaking down barriers for Adam Crawford, but it’s not the act of running, it’s the therapy provided. — Beneath the Surface is peeling back the layers of this onion we call sports. Running is something I never thought I would enjoy. In high school baseball we ran as punishment for not doing something […]

Why We Run #24: For Marianne


We run because she asked us to run, because she can’t anymore, and we can.

Running Side by Side: A Simple Act of Kindness


In this video that’s sweeping the Internet, Matt Woodrum shows inner strength and heart. His gym teacher and classmates show the beauty of a simple act of human kindness.

Why We Run: The Freedom To Be

Why We Run 16 20

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.”

-Dean Karnazes

Running Runners Who Run—A Running Addiction…


Nobody really knows why runners run but this funny video may provide answers (or at least some laughs).

Why We Run #20: To Get High


Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us to peace.