Father-Son Duo, Team Hoyt, Celebrates 37 Years of Teamwork With Final Boston Marathon

Team Hoyt, Rick Hoyt, Dick Hoyt, running, marathon, Boston Marathon

The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing prevented Team Hoyt from finishing their swan song race. They return one week from today to finish the job and honor the fallen.

My Tearful Response to the “Dear Fatty” Post

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When the “Dear Fatty” post hit the internet, it received an overwhelmingly positive response; Theresa Byrne reflects on how this stranger’s post touched some of her deepest fears.

How Nearly Dying Brought Me Close to My Father

father, snow death, wolfgang brolley, chicago, running, divorce, guilt, parental break up, survival, tears, death, freezing

What nearly freezing to death taught me about my Dad.

LEGO Friends and Girls on the Run Get the Conversation Started

lego, friends,

LEGO Friends is reaching out to young girls again, and this time they want to talk about it.

Explore Your Space: On Noticing the Wonders Around You


Extreme athlete Dane Rauschenberg with an essay about the unappreciated art of traveling without traveling.

Low Temperatures, High Motivations


How do you train to race when it’s too cold to even step outside? Max White talks about what it’s like to run in New England winters.

The John Lennon Weight Loss Solution


James Fell talks about the myth of the quick fix and offers practical tips to get on a sustainable track to better health.

“When somebody believes in you…you begin to believe in yourself”


Tweet This Comment by Iben on the post Running Down Homelessnes Merry Christmas to you! This story made me cry. “I believed in them with my whole being. When somebody believes in you, even just one person, you begin to believe in yourself. These guys just needed someone to believe in them.” ____ See more […]

Running Down Homelessness


Anne Mahlum asked a group of homeless men in Philadelphia if they’d like to join in on her morning jogs. Here’s the story behind the insight that is changing the face of poverty in America. An American Express #PassionProject story.

How Anyone Can Have the Perfect Body

Choose to love your body.

Dillan DiGiovanni is a coach with some new advice about having the perfect body. It will definitely surprise you.

The Art of the Ageless Athlete

My beautiful picture

Wolfgang Brolley on old dogs, new tricks and… Perfection or Reinvention?

The Soprano’s Guide to Mental Health


Guys don’t like to talk about it. We’d rather suffer in silence until it’s unbearable. We just “man up”, like good men are supposed to do. Just ask Tony.

Nothing to Prove: On Being a 40-Year-Old Man

Running in the Park

Kendall Ruth knew he had nothing to prove. But he forgot the lesson. Here’s how he relearned it.

i run in the dark

Wolfgang Brolley

Wolfgang Brolley – on running with the creatures of the night.

10 Ways to Love Your Life (First Installment)

How to Be Happy, Jackson Bliss, Good Men Project, 10 Ways to be Happy, being in love, couples, joy, happiness

Happiness is always a choice. Jackson Bliss breaks down the first 10 ways to personal happiness

How the Universe Responded When I Tried Meditation


James Fell meditates. He just happens to be lifting heavy things while he does it.