Why We Run #24: For Marianne


We run because she asked us to run, because she can’t anymore, and we can.

Running Side by Side: A Simple Act of Kindness


In this video that’s sweeping the Internet, Matt Woodrum shows inner strength and heart. His gym teacher and classmates show the beauty of a simple act of human kindness.

Why We Run: The Freedom To Be

Why We Run 16 20

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.”

-Dean Karnazes

Running Runners Who Run—A Running Addiction…


Nobody really knows why runners run but this funny video may provide answers (or at least some laughs).

Why We Run #20: To Get High


Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us to peace.

Running Against Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a horrible crime. Rick Matz’ home state of Michigan is the 2nd worst in the country after Nevada (Las Vegas).

Why We Run #18: Because We Can


Your body gives you so much, sometimes it’s good to give back

Why We Run: Shredding The Track

Why we run 10-15

In this series it’s been clear that running means something different for everyone. Here are the latest five entires in our eye-opening Why We Run series. — “That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when allows you to see how wonderful your life […]

Why We Run #15: For Life


The key to life is to take care of your body. James Fell is no stranger to this.

7 Lessons for You From My First 30 Days Running


I’m not a runner. Or, at least I thought I wasn’t… turns out I am.

Motivation Or The Lack Thereof


Bob Sinclair gives us the perfect example of why “taking a break” from your routine isn’t a good thing.

Your Words, Your Pictures, Your Stories


The Good Men Project wants your voice. Here’s a round-up of some of our recent calls for submissions.

Why We Run #11: Control


Control freak or not, we all need something we know we definitely have control over.

Staying on Track For A Better Life


A local High School inspires a man in need of a life change.

Why We Run #9: The Need


After a concussion that changed his life, Matt Donnelly runs to feel not crazy, to not be in pain, to feel normal, even if its only temporary.

Why We Run #3: Born To Do It


When one of family member turns to running, so do the rest. Perhaps it’s in their blood…