Running Runners Who Run—A Running Addiction…


Nobody really knows why runners run but this funny video may provide answers (or at least some laughs).

Why We Run #20: To Get High


Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us to peace.

Running Against Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a horrible crime. Rick Matz’ home state of Michigan is the 2nd worst in the country after Nevada (Las Vegas).

Why We Run #18: Because We Can


Your body gives you so much, sometimes it’s good to give back

Why We Run: Shredding The Track

Why we run 10-15

In this series it’s been clear that running means something different for everyone. Here are the latest five entires in our eye-opening Why We Run series. — “That’s the thing about running: your greatest runs are rarely measured by racing success. They are moments in time when allows you to see how wonderful your life […]

Why We Run #15: For Life


The key to life is to take care of your body. James Fell is no stranger to this.

7 Lessons for You From My First 30 Days Running


I’m not a runner. Or, at least I thought I wasn’t… turns out I am.

Motivation Or The Lack Thereof


Bob Sinclair gives us the perfect example of why “taking a break” from your routine isn’t a good thing.

Your Words, Your Pictures, Your Stories


The Good Men Project wants your voice. Here’s a round-up of some of our recent calls for submissions.

Why We Run #11: Control


Control freak or not, we all need something we know we definitely have control over.

Staying on Track For A Better Life


A local High School inspires a man in need of a life change.

Why We Run #9: The Need


After a concussion that changed his life, Matt Donnelly runs to feel not crazy, to not be in pain, to feel normal, even if its only temporary.

Why We Run #3: Born To Do It


When one of family member turns to running, so do the rest. Perhaps it’s in their blood…

Why We Run #2: The Life I Chose

why I run escape

For now, Daniel Romo runs to escape.

Pretend You’re Who You Want to Be

pretend you are

To be happy, it is important that we become happy with who we are—accept ourselves, recognize our good traits, accept our flaws, and come to see those flaws as actually good and unique parts of us.

3 Medals, 2 Marathons, 1 Weekend—10 Lessons Learned


Tor Constantino ran both a half marathon and a full marathon this past weekend—he shares some life lessons learned while training.