4 Things Men Can Learn From Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

If you want to make a mark, do it with style.

‘The Big Short’ Tells the Shocking True Story

This film takes a sometimes comedic stance at one of the worst financial crises in recent history There are only a few films that over the years have wanted to evoke a strong emotion. The one that comes to my mind immediately is Quiz Show. It told an amazing true story about a TV program […]

Dear Eva Mendes, I’m a Goddess in Sweatpants and So Are You

Joanna Schroeder know she’s lucky to have a husband who loves her – in sweatpants or an evening gown – and she thinks other women should stop assuming the worst of men.

How Do We Entertain Ourselves These Days? Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin Wearing T-Shirts of Each Other Into Infinity

These omnipresent pop cultural phenomenas are an inescapable part of modernity. Why do you think that is?

Movies that Made You a Man: “Half Nelson” and Romantic Masculine Fragility

A month ago, we asked what movies made you a man. In this first installment, Sameer Rao recalls the one that taught him the power in weakness.

Can a Man be a Feminist?

Glen Poole explains how the debate surrounding whether men can be feminists “really has nothing to do with your beliefs or your actions.”

“I think it’s playing off the ‘men look funny in womens’ clothing’ thing which is a big part of western society’s current gender disorder.”

These are comments by RMNZ, Random_Stranger, and wellokaythen on the post “What Would it Look Like if Gender Roles Were Reversed in Advertising? (Video)”.

Take it Like a Man

Doctor NerdLove understand that being shot down sucks. But you have two choices: bitch and moan, or deal with it like a man.*

Dear Beloved Ryan Gosling

Jerry Jay Hewitt writes a letter to his muse: the captivating Ryan Gosling.

Is Daniel Craig’s ‘007’ TOO Physically Fit?

Does Daniel Craig’s “perfect body” at age 44 set an unattainable physical standard for men?

What Makes a Man Attractive?

Doctor NerdLove investigates the complaint that only certain types of guys get all the women.

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16 Ways to Not Be a Shit Guy

Mike Nicholson has some rules that remind him where that line is.

What Terrorizes Americans Most: Guns or Sex?

Lara Riscol examines how America treats sex, not violence, as the biggest threat to families and the nation.

Magic Mike: On the Objectification of Men

Joanna Schroeder wonders what a film that seems to be only about hot gyrating guys says about society and how it will affect masculinity in the long run.

The Tyranny of the Six Pack?

An examination of men’s relationship with body images and and excerpt from Hugo Schwyzer’s critique of Noah Brand’s body image project “I’m Stark Naked: Deal With It”.

Some ‘Splainin To Do… Mansplaining That Is

Danny explores whether or not there are legitimate uses for the term “mansplaining”.