Anticipation of the Knife


Masculinity is often tied to pain management. Here, Michael Walsh ponders whether one kind of pain can be used to manage another.

Cruelty, Perversion and the Boy Scouts: A Personal Recollection


In a deeply personal post, Mark Greene recalls the brutality of scouting. “Those who offered themselves up willingly, took savage beatings.”

The Violence of Homelessness: A Young Male Survivor’s Story [Trigger warning]


W.R.R. escaped his father’s child sex ring only to endure the horrors of homelessness: illness, starvation, and yet more sexual violence. How does this survivor find meaning in his life today?

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How BDSM Helped a Rape Survivor Recover


Author Jane Devin overcame fear to embrace an unlikely ally

Human First, Dom Second


What does it mean that the popular image of the male dominant is a paragon of sadistic power?

Some Thoughts and Questions About BDSM PR

In December while visiting his family for the holidays, Charles and I stopped by the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. The LA&M is a small, but scrupulously kept museum nestled in with a bunch of apartment complexes. The museum is identifiable by its sign bearing a gigantic boot, as well the resemblance of the […]

Teen Drivers and Car Repair

Hint: your teen driver probably isn’t doing the repairing.