How to Welcome Loneliness During The Holidays

how to welcome loneliness photo by joe jukes

The holidays are a time when we are expected to be social and connected—which is exactly what can make it such a lonely experience. Bryan Reeves has learned to welcome the loneliness.

5 Heartbreaking Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

Parenting lessons

While parenting is great, Tor Constantino shares an underlying sadness that all loving parents ultimately face.

Roy Wasn’t A Perfect Man, But He Was a Good One. Here’s Why He’ll Be Missed


“He wasn’t a perfect man, by any means, but none of us are and just as our good cannot wipe out our faults, neither can our evils wipe out the small kindnesses that mean so much,” writes N.C. Harrison.

Are Comedians Sad? A Stand-Up Comic’s Response

kermet stage

As the world struggled to make sense of Robin Williams suicide, a friend asked stand-up comedian Kermet Apio if it’s true that comedians are sad people. This was his answer.

It’s Time to Share My Dirty Little Secret

My Dirty Little Secret by Shanon Wise

Tammy Palazzo opens the door on her depression to help others find their way out of darkness.

Movies Guys Should Watch (Seriously!): Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger


Film critic John Ryan Powell examines a haunting, underrated classic that forces us to come to terms with our isolation and futility.

An Open Letter To Same Gender Loving Black Men


Dr. David J. Malebranche shares the heartbreaking loss of his friend, Warner, and how the story of his life has a chance to impact us all.

My Father, My Self: It’s Complicated

Receiving the ball

My Father Changed, But My Memories Are Not So Easily Shed.

The Worst Video Game You’ve Never Played


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman examines how the latest version of Super Smash Bros. has already broken the hearts of its most devoted fans.

Getting the Call Someone Died: You Just Have to Go On, Right?

getting the call photo by averagejane

Norbert Brown made a conscious decision not to stop for death. But he’s wondering why.

“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

Crying silence

This comment by Mark on the post Men Have Tear Ducts Too

Do Guys Ever Really Get Over The First Girl To Break Their Hearts?

Do men ever really get over "that one"?

She may not be your first love, or the one that got away, but she’s the “her” you can’t forget.

How to Be Depressed and Not Lose Your Marriage

depression, depressed, sad, sadness, helpless, marriage

Heather Gray shares 7 straightforward strategies to keep your marriage alive in spite of depression.

Getting Real about the Emotional Range of Men


Joe Rutland challenges men to feel outside the gender box.

Experience Joy and Sorrow In the Same Moment: On the 50th Anniversary of JFK’s Assassination


Sherri Rosin has a quiet gratefulness for being able to hold onto the moments of joy in times of great sadness.

The Good Men Playlist : 8 Bossa Nova Songs for a Sad Man

bossa nova

Feeling sadness is common, expressing it is another story. Brazilian Bossa Nova is here, happy to help.