The Illusion of Control and Hope Meet the Reality of Acceptance

Participating in a global culture of greed and oppression can make one go mad. Here’s how we can accept our realities, and still strive to be better.

7 Ways to Heal Your Spirit

Do you have spirit sickness? What would a modern day shaman recommend?

It’s OK to Grieve

“Good grief” isn’t an oxymoron. It can bring you a whole new perspective.

Ode to Grandmother Hilda

Memories can be sweet and painful.

How Art Helped Rescue Me from the Darkest Traps

When Alex Cook found himself in the midst of darkness, he found renewal from a surprising source.

How Do We Grieve as Men Today?

Chris Davies lost a man who made a difference in his life. Here’s how he honored him.

Comment of the Day: ‘I walked away from mine too.’

The pain that comes from divorce can be difficult for a man to move past.

Contrary to Popular Belief, You Can’t Choose to Be Happy

Joy is more than happiness. It’s deeper and more complex, purer and more enduring.

A Sister’s Death, A Brother’s Pain

Pain from death is an open wound that constantly bleeds.

Men Find Solutions, not Judgement with Hypnotherapy

It’s simply logical.

On Sunday We Slide Into the Mud of Our Dreams

William Reichard brings us an evocative poem of loss and, perhaps, hope.

How Much Better Would Your Relationship be if You Could Read Your Partner’s Mind?

What if you want to prove your trustworthiness, but your partner is too scared to give you the chance?

Being Sad and Owning It

We feel sad for a reason, why do we try and fight off the feeling when we could embrace the meaning?

Your Laughter Actually Helps Me Hide The Truth

Sometimes the funniest people are hiding the darkest demons.

How Do We Learn Sadness?

How do men learn sadness? Justin Lioi, LCSW, takes on the fear and feelings we can’t avoid.  — Can you remember seeing your dad cry? It wouldn’t be that strange if you said ‘no’ or if you really had to dig deep to remember. Maybe it was at a wake, maybe a wedding. Was it […]

When You Are Not Enough

Dr. Margaret Rutherford on knowing when a loved one’s self destruction is too far out of your control.