Being Sad and Owning It

We feel sad for a reason, why do we try and fight off the feeling when we could embrace the meaning?

Your Laughter Actually Helps Me Hide The Truth

Sometimes the funniest people are hiding the darkest demons.

How Do We Learn Sadness?

How do men learn sadness? Justin Lioi, LCSW, takes on the fear and feelings we can’t avoid.  — Can you remember seeing your dad cry? It wouldn’t be that strange if you said ‘no’ or if you really had to dig deep to remember. Maybe it was at a wake, maybe a wedding. Was it […]

When You Are Not Enough

Dr. Margaret Rutherford on knowing when a loved one’s self destruction is too far out of your control.

To the Men Who Tried to Love Me

Louise Thayer offers a poetic message to her past lovers.

Invisible Darkness

Laura Foley captures the pain of being a mother unable to help an adult son in this stark poem.

I Think About Suicide Every Day

Kristin Diversi recognizes her sadness and the thoughts that crowd her mind. Still, she chooses to play, not to fold.

How Long Does it Take to Move on After Divorce?

Ways to care for yourself as you heal from divorce

A 5-Minute Guide to Understanding Depression

Depression affects more than 6 million men in America each year—and more who don’t recognize its symptoms or are ashamed to seek treatment.

What We Can Learn From Falling

Katie Vessel uses the metaphor of falling to develop a philosophy of resilience.

Flying Away From Love

For Cabot O’Callaghan and his long-distance lover, time together tastes bittersweet—and always flies too fast.

I Can’t Not Feel This

Cabot O’Callaghan captures that moment when the tidal wave of life takes you under, and you surface, grateful to be alive.

Tears and Comfort

We are born with sacred water inside us. Releasing tears is the soul’s call for help.

On the Unbearable Sadness of Finding Your Soulmate

Cabot O’Callaghan finds the woman of his dreams, and he’s depressed as hell about it.

The Fallacy of Comparing Pain

Is it possible, or even worthwhile, to rank your pain against the pain of others?

Seeing Through the Mist

For Thomas Fiffer, a misty morning drive brings back memories of heartbreak and summons a vision for the future.