Win A Trip for Two: Cigar Safari in Nicaragua with Richard Crawford Luxury

Win four days and three nights of an immersive experience at the Drew Estate’s Nicaraguan Cigar Factory with luxury lifestyle expert Richard Crawford.

My Friend The Idiot: Dude Should Be Dead

Jamie Reidy shares a video of his buddy who fell off the roof of an SUV doing 35-MPH in the Sahara Desert.

Internet: Google Sneaks In The Back Door of Safari and Internet Explorer

The Mountain View company has their hooks in half the web, in a way that’s not cool, dude. Not cool.

White Boy in a Black Land

Am I a racist? I hope not. But if I’m not a racist and you’re not and neither is anyone else this country, how can we collectively end up with a million black men in prison and such stark and persistent racial differences in terms of education, wealth, and life expectancy?

Gadgets: iPhone 4S Leads New Product Announcements From Apple

We break down the nitty gritty details on the new products and services from Apple, and tell you when you can get more info.

White Boy in a Black Land

Tom Matlack travelled to Kenya and learned some things about himself and our conceptions of race.

A Meditation on Africa

‘I don’t know anything. I am finally still. I am far away in a distant land where nothing is the same. I am at peace. I don’t want to leave.’

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Gender on Safari

Tom Matlack observes animal gender roles while on safari in Kenya.