Why You Will Probably Get Back Together With Your Ex, Even If You Shouldn’t


The dating game these days is rough. And it’s no wonder that many people go back to dating their ex’s, even after bad breakups. Here’s why so many people opt for the familiar.

Your Kid Is Not My Safety Problem

your kid

The whole world cannot be childproofed, and that’s actually a good thing.

“Men are complex emotional creatures, just as women are.”


This comment by Claran on the post Dear Son, 5 Secrets I wish I knew Before Marriage

The Most Uncool Thing I’ve Ever Written About Drinking

This beer makes my head feel so tiny!

With the trend of the lethal drinking game “Neknominations” becoming mainstream, Amy White wants to reach out to kids with her story … and doesn’t care how uncool you think it is.

I Just Want to Hold His Hand

Santa doesn't care. But people do.

The headlines are about marriage equality. The big changes. The historic victories. JJ Vincent just wants to hold his partner’s hand.

Five Reasons my Children are Lucky to Have an Outdoorsman for a Father

Jack Rabbit photo by lukedetwiler

Tabitha Studer wants to dispel the negative stereotype that all Outdoorsmen are uneducated, close-minded, reclusive Rednecks.

Breaking Free from the Arctic Ice, into the Prison of PTSD


Like the childhood monsters that lurked under our beds, Sprague Theobald found that PTSD, too, is terrified of the light.

Thanksgiving InnuenDON’TS: A Parent Safety Announcement

thanksgiving, warning, parents, safety, protection

Thanksgiving is all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out. Or gassy. The dynamic duo of Charlie Capen and Andy Herald from How To Be A Dad are here to keep you safe this holiday season.

The End of Contact Sports

the end of contact sports by uscpsc flickr

Can we find a compromise that will protect young and adult athletes from themselves, yet keep our treasured competitions exhilarating?

Marriage: A Safe Place?


How can marriage truly be a safe emotional place if it relies so much on the words, actions and emotions of another?

Dear Son, 5 Secrets I Wish I Knew Before Marriage

Father and Son Big Stock

This is the letter my dad would have written to his son if he knew what I know now.

Halloween Safety Tip For Parents: There Is No Poison Candy


The tip is this: your children are safer than you think. Halloween poisoning is imaginary.

Dads Are Not the Enemy

dad, father, stereotypes, men

Whit Honea was told that men are inherently dangerous. He disagrees.

Dad’s Defense: Facing the Dangers

hit, fight, attack, self-defense, fist, punch, fighting

Vincent Daly had a scary encounter while out with his family, and now he has a plan for safety in the face of danger.

Syria: We Need Strong Multi-National Action to Stop the Killing


If we are going to leave a better future for our kids and grand kids, we need to rise up as a global community and take action.

Dear Men: Lessons From Feminism

Dear Men Lessons from Feminism photo by tobyotter

Veronica Grace would like to share with men the survival tips she’s learned from other women that might also be helpful to men.