Choosing The Right Path When Becoming a Dad


The balance between time and money is not easy to maintain, but this stay at home dad found a way.

Why Women are Not Innately Better Parents Than Men


Stay-at-home dad and blogger John Adams was asked whether women were better parents than men. He does not think so, and this is why. What do you think?

Parenting: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Parenting: It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

While speaking to a journalist, Adrian Millar explained how becoming a confident, loving stay-at-home dad takes more work than one might think.

29 Things That Will Happen at the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention and 13 That Won’t

29 Things That Will Happen at the 19th Annual At-Home Dads Convention and 13 That Won’t

Al Watts, the president of National At-Home Dad Network, explains what dads can expect (and not expect) to find at the year’s Annual At-Home Dads Convention.

Finding Our Place in the Modern Family

modern-cgreen-Martin Cathrae

As a husband and father, Christopher Green doesn’t feel confined to traditional gender roles, and hopes more men will adjust to changing times.

One Dad’s Manifesto for Modern Fathers

One Dad's Manifesto for Modern Fathers

Jeff Dotts is a stay-at-home dad who’s making it up as he goes. But the cultural divide between moms and dads isn’t making it any easier.

Single Moms and Single Dads Aren’t All That Different


Single mothers out in the world doing it every single day: I stand in solidarity with you. We’re not all that different. I’m a nurturer, just like you.

100 Words on Love: Daddy’s Knee Surgery


My unsinkable Amazon warrior, strongest woman I know, laboring dusk to dawn. My son fast as lighting fetches whatever I need.

What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

What Led Me to Abandon My Stay-at-Home-Dad Community

Brent Brookhouse joined an online stay-at-home-dad group for discussion and support, instead found a faction of fathers who railed against the stereotyping of men, while marginalizing and harassing women.

The Bumpy Road: A Dad and His Parenting Struggles

bumpy photo  janet mck

Danny Thomas of The Next Family has bad days, when it seems like nothing else can go wrong…until it does.

Why Do Stay At Home Dads Have More Affairs? It’s Not Why You Think

SAHD affairs

Relationship strategist Sue Nador says that when the dishes pile up so do the resentments, and she offers some ideas for avoiding that trap.

The Joys & Challenges of Being a Work-at-Home Dad


Author Jeff Burlingame reflects on what it’s like to work from home while he raises his energetic 2-year-old son.

Standing Up For Dads: An Open Letter to the Chicago Tribune


Modern Village Founder Lisa Duggan responds to Janna Karvundis’s self-confessed angry rant on Stay at Home Dads.

I Told Her I Was a Stay at Home Dad. And That’s When She Started Laughing.

I Told Her I Was a Stay at Home Dad. And That's When She Started Laughing.

Chris Bernholdt didn’t expect to laughed at for being a stay at home dad, but found solace in the words of one of the first songs ever written.

Top 10 Ways Obstacle Course Racing is Like Parenting

dave, lesser, spartan, race, fire, jump, dad, father

Any parent will tell you that there are a lot of obstacles in raising kids. Dave Lesser tells us why it’s a lot like jumping over fire.

No Place I’d Rather Be: A Response To The New York Times

No place Id rather be photo by

Jason Greene sometimes wonders “what if” when he thinks about his role as stay at home dad, married to a breadwinning wife. But not for long.