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The Heartbreak of a Former Stay-at-Home-Dad When He Returns to the Workforce

“I cried. Me. A grown man. A grizzled veteran dad. I cried. Heck, I bawled. The end of this era hit me. My time at home was over.”

How You Can Tell I’m a Stay-at-Home-Dad

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Fathers: Redefining Roles and Relationships

In January of this year we began a series called “Portraits of Fatherhood”. We asked dads to respond to ten questions about their experience as a father, including how they combine work and family, and what moments in parenting do they consider as their “Best” and their “Worst”. The responses have been beautiful, remarkable and inspiring. […]

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How understanding what being a provider means to you will make your parenting better.

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Matt Sweetwood suddenly found himself watching a movie that was strangely close to depicting his real life. Instead of applauding, however, he loathed the portrayal of a dad bumbling thorough a life he knew so well.

My Insecurities as a Stay at Home Dad

My son will never know the man who was once a driven writer for a major lottery corporation. My son will not know his father as an educator who enthusiastically prepared literature lessons for high school students

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