Announcing the Best Hair Styles by Dads in 2015! These are Stunning!

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Greg Wickeherst was the dad in a viral story. In it, he as a single dad went to cosmetology school just to learn how to do his daughter’s hair. Now with his new expertise, he announces the winner of a contest he ran: the best hairstyle by a dad in 2015 (so far)!

The Seven Biggest Misconceptions About Stay-At-Home-Dads


The Sunshine Dad has had all sorts of assumptions about his abilities thrown his way. Here are the top seven.

A Dad of Toddlers Shares the Seven Safety Conversations You Should Have With Every Young Child

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Mike, the Sunshine Dad, is father of four toddlers. Here are seven conversations he has learned to have with them.

Some Children Are Conceived Many Years Before They Are Born

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Our Charles Danziger Boys in the Burbs Cartoon of the Week!

Our Dads Cartoon of the Week!

breakfastbar teaser

Boys in burbs turns into the Cheers bar this week. Check out what Dad served up this morning.

Kevin Zelenka: The Greatest Feeling in the World


Welcome to Portraits of Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads. __ There is no better place to witness the changing roles of men and women in the larger culture than through the lens of parenthood. But rather than speculate on what and how contemporary fathers do what they do, we’d like to bring […]

The Modern Dad: RadioAmerika Interview With Rob Watson, Editor, Dads and Families


Our Dad and Families Editor, Rob Watson, was interviewed by RadioAmerika’s Barb Adams. He discusses the new world of families and dads, one where choice leads the way and cliches are left in the dust.

6 Things Toddlers Can Say and Do That Adults Can’t


Mike, the Sunshine Dad is the father to four toddlers. This makes him a frickin expert in all things toddler. He lately has observed some key advantages they hold. Here they are.

The Dad Who Went Viral Announces a New Book!

Doyin Photo

Doyin Richards was more surprised than anyone when a simple picture of him tending to his daughters went viral. He now hopes his new mission to get the word out on good dads gets a similar reception.

The Death and Life of the Greatest Dad Blogger of All Time — in the Words Written by the Best Dad Bloggers in the World

Oren 5

A man named Oren Miller died this week. You might not know his name, but it is more than likely that your favorite dad blogger does. Dadhood had a profound loss, and here is what the world’s dads had to say about it.

Dads in the Modern Family


The word “dad” invokes something different now than it did even fifteen years ago. Alexandra Temblador takes a look at what it means in today’s modern family.

A Stay-At-Home Dad Declares “I am a Mother”


Blogger and stay-at-home dad Adam Hall knows he fills a non-traditional role. He would like you to understand exactly what that role is — once he figures it out himself.

A Globe-Hopping Dad Shares the Secrets to Family Travel


Cliff Hsia has taken his family including infant children all over the world. Daunting? You bet. Here is how he has done it.

A Dad’s Resolve to Cherish the Ages


The Sunshine dad used to lie about his age. Then he kind of wished his kids were at different ages. Then he got the answer. Stop lying and wishing.

The 11 Supernatural Paranormal Phenomena of Kids


You think the Bermuda Triangle, haunted houses and Area 51 have some bizarre, out- of-this-world things happening? Mike, the Sunshine Dad, says you haven’t seen anything. He explores the unexplainable and eerie events that children manifest.

Mark Greene is Remaking Manhood, One Article at a Time

Remaking Manhood by Mark Greene

When Mark Greene looked back at his published work on The Good Men Project, he realized he was remaking manhood. And a book was born.