On Balls, Business, Selling, and Relationships

pink ball

Write a humorous article that touches on sports, sex, and business? Doug Wagner rises to the challenge.

Inspiration Unpacked: What’s Right? Or What Will Sell?

sales flyer

We’re bombarded with commercials, sales pitches, and guilt trips designed to get us to buy. But what are we selling?

A Chance Encounter With Lifelong Repercussions

A Chance Encounter by Anders Ljungberg

Shawn Henfling tells the story of a man whose spontaneous confession changed his life.

5 Reasons You Need to Have a Red Ferrari To Sell


Because stereotypes and sloppy thinking can be the death of any salesman.

Just Pedal, No Push


A Rockies encounter with an old traveler inspires Pat O’Connor to take a life-altering journey.

The Lawyer’s Guide To Legal Marketing


Because in this new age, we are all, always looking for work

“Wearing a Suit and Tie is the New ‘Eccentric’ in the Workplace”

photo by littledebbie11

How do you dress in the workplace? How does what your coworkers wear affect you? Do you frown on those wear casual dress and does larger culture need to go back to dressing up? Does it matter?

“A boy should be able to dress like a ice dancer OR a NASCAR driver if he wants to.”


This is a comment by Tom B. on the post “Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter”. Tom writes about the strict dichotomy of how clothing is marketed to young girl and boys and how it contributes to gender stereotypes from an early age.

New Fiction: Business as Usual


In this short story by Bo Guthrie, a persistent security system salesman struggles to win over a potential customer who is going through a difficult divorce.

Working through your ADD


Working when you have ADD can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. J.R. Reed gives you the lowdown on how to conquer your job.

Dear John: Why Doesn’t He Know I’m “The One”?


This week Dear John talks about “the one”, Facebook friends after divorce, and sales-y friends.

Webcomics: Southside Nefertiti by Mike Sales [@mtorez, #thenewblack]

Southside Nefertiti (who has her own Twitter account) showcases a single mother who takes night classes, working full time, oh … and moonlighting as a super hero. Created by Mike Sales, this story has it all. This page aggregates all of the episodes for your convenience. SEASON ONE Southside Nefertiti: Fist of the North Star, […]

Ten things I’ve learned from selling kitchen supplies door-to-door

People do not like to be bugged at home. Cookies and tea and some real human hospitality are a miracle for a teenage lad in the freezing Toronto winter. If you steal change from a donut store to pay for a day-old bag of donuts, you are a bad human being. If you hire teenagers […]