Don’t Apologize for Wanting to Embrace Bromance and Intimacy

Long-term, meaningful relationships with other men are a strong endorsement of manhood.

From Ice Cream to Transforming Politics, Ben & Jerry’s Rock!

From delicious ice cream created and marketed in a healthy, sustainable and socially responsible way, to a creative campaign to get money out of politics, Ben & Jerry’s lead the way

Louis C.K. Is Right: TMZ Has Gone Too Far

TMZ has posted a video from Tracy Morgan’s deadly bus crash, featuring devastating and vulnerable footage, despite the victim’s daughter’s pleas to take it down. Comedian Louis C.K. takes to Twitter with the cause.

Elliot Rodger, Tiger Woods, And Acts of Self-Hatred

Kozo Hattori believes the rampage shooting at UCSB was more than just a hate crime against women, it was also a hate crime against Asian-Americans.

Why Are People So Pissed About Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Vogue Cover?

Joanna Schroeder doesn’t have any particular attachment to “Kimye” but finds your anger at their Vogue cover annoying and baseless.

Hollywood, Sexism, and the Minds of Men

Christian Clifton believes the sexism in Hollywood is harmful to both women and men, and would like to see us get out of the self-feeding cycle of perpetual attractiveness.

Making a Kramer Out of Melissa Harris-Perry

Why the media’s coverage of the Melissa Harris-Perry controversy wrongfully made her into a villain.

Elan Gale’s Airplane Live-Tweeted War With ‘Diane’ an Apparent Hoax

Turns out that Elan Gale’s wildly viral on-board battle with a cranky woman on Thanksgiving weekend was an elaborate hoax.

The One That Got Away, Part Two: Scenes From a Divorce #11

As Steve Axelrod relives one of the most romantic moments in his life, he falls in love once more with the one that got away.

The One That Got Away, Part One: Scenes From a Divorce #10

In the midst of divorce, Steve Axelrod holds out hope that reconnnecting with an old flame may prove to be something more.

Joining the Club: Scenes From a Divorce #8

Steve Axelrod reminisces on his lost love and realizes he’s not alone as he thought he was. He just wishes he enjoyed the company.

The Children’s Hour: Scenes From a Divorce #7

Steve Axelrod reflects on the difficulties of balancing fatherhood, dating, and divorce.

8 Confirmed Dead, Over 12,000 More Displaced — But is Colorado’s Tragic Flooding Getting the Press it Deserves?

After initial media coverage of the flooding, Colorado’s disaster has virtually disappeared from the headlines. But why?

The Real Reason Men Hate It When Women Make More Money

Lincoln Anthony Blades looks into the culture and teachings behind new evidence that men resent women who make more money.

Is the Firing of Pax Dickinson the Beginning of a New Era in Tech?

Matthew G. P. Coe explains that Business Insider’s prompt firing of Mr Dickinson shows that the voices of men and women in the industry who will stand up and say, “are you kidding me?” are being paid their due attention.

Walmart Does Not Create Jobs, It Destroys Them

Economists are starting to take a closer look at the effects of Walmart on the economy, and what they are finding may surprise you.