The Silent End (a fun and chilling excerpt)

THE SILENT END will have you rooting for these three unlikely heroes as they battle monsters, town bullies, and teachers who expect homework done on time.

Separate but Equal: Film and Gaming

From Bubble Bobble to Bioshock Infinite, Samuel Sattin explores the evolution of modern gaming, and how it’s come to share in a tenuous relationship with its cousin in cables: film.

Affleck as Batman – It Needs to Be Discussed

Sam Sattin thinks there are better things for Ben Affleck to be doing in Hollywood than playing one of the most iconic superheroes in comic book canon.

League of Somebodies – The First Trial of Manhood

Samuel Sattin offers the first chapter of his exciting new novel League of Somebodies, about the making of superheroes and men.

How Did Art Critics and Fans Not Know Charles Wing Krafft Was a White Supremacist?

Sam Sattin looks at the man behind the curtain, and wonders how could we not have known?

50 Greatest Superhero Names of All Time

Put on your cape n’ tights and plunge into the 50 Greatest Superhero–and Villain–Names of All Time, by Samuel Sattin.

Video: Nerdy PSA Asks You to Stop Pretending to Be a Nerd

Portlandia’s PSA features a real nerd talking about the re-appropriation of the term “nerd”.

Sandy Hook Truthers are Afraid of the Dark

Sam Sattin believes the Newtown conspiracy theorists use the Internet as a place to peddle claims on the existence (and fear of) malevolent “others”, because the actual truth is just too scary to face.

5 Rules for Achieving True Nerd-dom

Sam Sattin grew up among the snorting ranks. The latex-allergied and the comically stuttered. And now he wonders whatever happened to all the REAL nerds?

“True Nerd-dom” and Dues-Paying

It’s easy to assume someone doesn’t belong in your tribe, and it’s easy to be wrong about it.

Basterds Unchained: The Revenge of Artistic License

Samuel Sattin peels at the onion of criticism for Django Unchained, and discovers that what matters most are the discussions themselves.

Schemers and Dreamers: The Popcorn Machines That Never Were

Sam Sattin had always regarded his grandfather as a little bit crazy, but lately he’s come to embrace what connects him to the family patriarch.