A Gay Dad Tells Off the Mormon Church: Leave Our LGBT Kids Alone!

A religion trying to demoralize LGBT adults? There is nothing new there. The Mormon Church is doing something new, they are going after the kids in LGBT families. This gay dad has something to say about THAT.

A Gay Dad is Ready for the Fight, But is He Prepared for — Acceptance?

It was Sean O’Donnell’s first Fathers Day, and it was going to be in public. He was ready to fight for his right to be himself in this society. But what if he met no resistance?

How a Gay Dad Comes Out Today – and Every Day

After Ian Colvin came out many years ago as a gay man, he thought the conversation was over. Today, on National Coming Out Day, he realizes it is an ever-present discussion. Here is how it goes.

Diversity is Good Thing, and Europe is in the Lead

LGBT rights protected, legal same-sex marriage, even the option to not check the gender box. These countries get it right.

Dangerous Tipping Point: Implied Political Power and the Religious Right’s Exaggeration

Kim Davis will not win her showdown, but we would all do well to suit up for another civil liberties’ battle.

The GMP Dad’s Workshop: 3 Ways Gay Men Make Better Dads

Does the gay man’s life experience and relationship set him up in a better way to be a dad? Julian Redwood points out 3 ways in which it does.

5 Easy Steps to Staying Married Forever

Marriage is the greatest of all human experiments—so is there anything to learn about staying together in a disposable age? Jeremy McKeen explores the vows we take and what that means for humanity writ large.  — Some of you should not be married. You know who you are, possibly. It’s hard to tell unless you […]

The Day a Dad First Met His Son and Made Him Real…Forever

This is an excerpt from the Sean O’Donnell book Which One of You is the Mother? It is about the day that the son Sean imagined became real, never to leave his dad’s life again.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off on His “Religious Freedom” Facebook “Friends”

Sean O’Donnell is taking a serious look at who it is that gets to comment on his life, his loves and his family. If you don’t like it, feel free to “de-friend” him.

Marriage? Yes. The End of the Fight? No

Just because same-sex marriage is legal doesn’t mean the fight for equality is over. Not by a long shot.

When a Dad Has THE Talk About Sex, But Doesn’t Make It About “Where Babies Come From”

Gay Dad Rob Watson felt that he wanted to approach the sex talk with his sons in an alternative way. By discussing intimacy, rather than procreation, he found it was a different discussion. Here is how it went.

The Heterosexual Couple That Waited 6 Years to Marry

Jordan & Roxy, a heterosexual couple committed to a life together, refused to marry until all couples in the USA could. They only had to wait 6 years. Here is their inspiring story.

A Dad Ponders the Loss of the Independence of His Youth and Discovers His Freedom Now

Dad Sean just turned 40. He had an amazing independence when he was younger, but he would not trade what he has now to get it back. Here’s why.

A Monument to Marriage Equality

Let us celebrate the uncommon valor of those who battled to make marriage equality the law of the land.

In With the Out Crowd: Remembering My 80s Youth

Robert Burke Warren thinks about the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, and thinks about how it takes a village to raise a boy into a man. In his case, an East Village.