Your Parents Say Okay


In this poem from his brand new book, award-winning poet Stephen Mills offers a stirring commentary on same-sex marriage, token acceptance, and the politics of “normal.”

Why I’m A Conservative And Support Gay Marriage


Todd Hagopian stills stands on the conservative side of things, but he recalls the day he heard a convincing argument that changed his mind on gay marriage.

When Gay Dads Divorce


Many gay men never thought they would see the day they could marry and have children. Gays With Kids writer David Toussaint tells the story of some who also never thought they would end up divorced raising kids alone.

Two Men and a Tale of Doctor Who


TJ Mundell and Timmy Patterson, a couple in Dallas, took their engagement photos to a whole new universe. Is it vain for The Doctor to marry himself?

The 5 Ways Gay Married Men Are Turning Back the Wedding Clock

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David Toussaint supports marriage equality, but is disappointed with the attitude of some couples towards the thing they worked so hard for.

Florida Judge Overturns State’s Ban On Gay Marriage, Attorney General Fires Back


A Republican judge in the Florida Keys has overturned the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage after a legal challenge was brought by six same-sex couples who claimed the ban made them second-class citizens.

How Same-Sex Couples are Redefining the Big Day

Wedding Survey photo Laura Dye

As more same-sex couples choose to marry, they are changing what weddings look like and mean.

Judge Compares Colorado Marriage Equality Clerk to Martin Luther King, Jr., Delivers Another Huge Victory


It’s yet another good day for marriage equality from one side of the country to the other, with delightful decisions in Colorado and Pennsylvania.

Russell Brand Brilliantly Takes Down Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments


Brand devotes an entire episode of his youtube series The Trews to annihilating the anti-marriage equality argument point by point.

County Clerks in Missouri and Colorado Go Rogue and Start Issuing Marriage Licenses


In a sign that marriage equality is considered de facto law even where the court cases aren’t finished, clerks in both those states have started issuing marriage licenses even though courts haven’t given them the go ahead.

25 Prominent Republicans Stand Up for Gay Rights in Michigan


A group of 25 retired Republicans in Michigan have banded together to join the fight against the state’s same-sex marriage ban, coauthoring a 40-page amicus brief in which they tackle arguments commonly used to defend the ban.

Presbyterians Approve Same-Sex Church Weddings. Will Other Denominations Follow?


Other congregations, including the Methodists and Episcopalians, are riven by disputes about LGBT issues.

Talking Politics with My Daughter: The Neverlution will be Continuously Televised

Talking Politics with My Daughter: The Neverlution will be Continuously Televised

Sean Davis tried to talk about current events with his teenaged daughter and she shrugged. So he decided to give her a history lesson.

Wisconsin Puts the Breaks on Issuing Marriage Licenses

Marriage Equality. Equal.

A few decades ago, the US Supreme Court refused to hear a marriage equality case “for want of a substantial federal question.” That’s certainly not the case anymore.

Another Week, Another Marriage Ban Struck Down. This Time, It’s Wisconsin.


State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen promised to appeal the ruling. Of course, he argued, it’s only for the benefit of the couples who want to get married.

Gay Military Couple Surprised by Attention their Engagement Received


“What started as a friend’s ‘congratulations’ by posting it on his organization’s page quickly became more attention-gathering than we ever imagined.”