Dear Mississippi,

Ed Madden gives a powerful reading of his poem written in response to Mississippi’s HB 1523–an anti-gay, anti-trans “religious freedom” law which, oddly enough, names poetry as a specific good or service that can be denied.

What Gives You the Right to Discriminate?

Does the First Amendment really protect religious freedom laws?

6 Ways The Church’s Treatment of LGBTQ People is Actually Damaging the Church

Bottom line: the church should not be in the business of excluding people.

Cycling Studio Flash Mob Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

It was love at first playlist! Adam Keller, a JoyRide cycling instructor, took this Valentine’s day to create a wedding proposal to end all proposals! Adam planned this top-secret, expertly choreographed, flash mob, cycling class proposal, asking his boyfriend, Jared Marinelli, also a Joyride Instructor, the magic question.. WILL YOU MARRY ME!

The Hillary Clinton Same Sex Marriage Conundrum

Clinton has been a solid and effective statesperson. She gets things done. Her efforts to stop anti-gay forces were pragmatic, however, not visionary. Will that pragmatism come back to hurt her in the new sound-bite media world?

Have Men Really Given Up On Marriage Because of Feminism? Babble of the Sexes Weighs the Cost of the Big Day

Feminism, the cost of a wedding, and trends in cohabitation have nothing to do with men giving up on wedded bliss. Babble of the Sexes climbs atop the cake for the big day conversation.

Ellen Juxtaposes Same Sex Married Couples With the Marriage Values of the Bachelor

So many neigh sayers disregard the marriage values of LGBT couples. Ellen shares a video of some such couples with the couples of The Bachelor. The contrast is striking.

How Alberto Proposed to Matthew

Some straight people think that intricate planning of the wedding is “the thing”. Some gay men know better.

It’s all about the proposal.

Straight Talk for Gay Men

Yes, gay marriage is now legal. But this is hardly the time to be resting on our laurels.

My First Same Sex Marriage

It hit me that new generations of gay people will reach adulthood at a very different place in the continuum of opportunities—one that took me fifty years to reach.

Humanity in Review – 2015

2015 as a collective whole, was one of the most important years in the history of our species.

A Dad’s “Hello From the Other Side” of the First Five Years Raising His Son

David Blacker felt kinship with Adele over her new hit. He is singing “Hello” from the other side of his first five years raising his son. Here are how his lyrics go.

It Took Twenty-Six Years, But His Dad Finally Got Married

Gay people are still getting married and the world is still not ending, as one son shows in this video tribute to his father.

5 Easy Steps to Staying Married Forever

Marriage is the greatest of all human experiments—so is there anything to learn about staying together in a disposable age? Jeremy McKeen explores the vows we take and what that means for humanity writ large.  — Some of you should not be married. You know who you are, possibly. It’s hard to tell unless you […]

A Gay Dad Tells Off the Mormon Church: Leave Our LGBT Kids Alone!

A religion trying to demoralize LGBT adults? There is nothing new there. The Mormon Church is doing something new, they are going after the kids in LGBT families. This gay dad has something to say about THAT.

A Gay Dad is Ready for the Fight, But is He Prepared for — Acceptance?

It was Sean O’Donnell’s first Fathers Day, and it was going to be in public. He was ready to fight for his right to be himself in this society. But what if he met no resistance?