Same-Sex Marriage: Once More Down the Aisle, But Now is the Time to Celebrate


BREAKING: Same-sex marriage is now legal in England and Wales.

Michigan’s Gay Marriage Ban Back in Place

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A lot has changed since last Friday, and new developments are expected to continue over the next few days.

Another Methodist Minister Facing Charges for Performing a Same-Sex Wedding

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Bishop Melvin Talbert married Joe Openshaw and Bobby Prince, an Alabama couple, despite being told by the presiding bishop not to do so.

Another Federal Court Decision Proves Marriage Equality is Coming to the South

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Will the South be the place where marriage inequality finally meets its demise?

Methodists Decide it’s a Bad Idea to Try a Minister for Presiding at His Gay Son’s Wedding


“I actually wasn’t thinking of this as an act of civil disobedience or church disobedience,” Ogletree said. “I was thinking of it as a response to my son.”

Federal Judge Rules Texas Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional


According to Judge Orlando Garcia the state’s marriage laws deny same-sex couples the right to marry, and therefore “demean their dignity for no legitimate reason.”

Since DOMA Decision, 5 Federal Courts Sided With Marriage Equality—0 Sided With Discrimination

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So far, federal courts are unanimous in favor of equality for same-sex couples.

Kansas Legislature Attempts to Legalize Discrimination By Declaring War on Marriage


Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the limits of tolerance in the context of the Kansas bill that would legalize discrimination against same-sex couples.

There is No Ball and Chain: Changing How We Talk About Marriage

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You’ve heard all of the jokes about marriage. Heather Gray wants you to join her in changing the message.

Tea Party Senators Introduce ‘You’re Not Married Anymore’ Bill to Nullify Same-Sex Marriages


Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee believe same-sex marriages should disappear as couples cross state borders.

As We Point the Finger at Russia’s LGBT Inequalities, Three Fingers Point Back at Us


Professor Warren Blumenfeld sees parallels between Russia’s anti-homosexual agenda and Nazi ideology. And he’s sees a bit of hypocrisy in the US as well.

Federal Judge: Kentucky Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages from Other States

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A federal judge has ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states or jurisdictions.

Inching Closer Towards Equality

Marriage Equality. Equal.

Attorney General Eric Holder is moving same-sex couples one step closer towards marriage equality.

‘Pro-Family’ Legislators Kill Bill Protecting Same-Sex Families

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A subcommittee in Virginia’s House of Delegates killed a bill to allow second-parent adoption for children whose parents are not legally married.

Family Research Council Attacks Marriage Equality With Study That Didn’t Research Same-Sex Couples


Tony Perkins and Peter Sprigg argue a new study that has nothing to say about same-sex parenting is more evidence to support their opposition to marriage equality.

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants to Ban All Marriages


If Oklahoma Rep. Mike Turner can’t ban just gay marriages, he wants to ban them all.