How Male Voices of the Past Spoke to My Hard-to-Reach Boys

These underachieving teenage boys were desperate for good male role models in their lives—and I certainly didn’t fit the bill as a woman.

7 Hard Truths About the Strength to Succeed

DiaryDad shares 7 hard truths about what it takes to be strong. — There is an oft used metaphor about learning and becoming stronger that is used in the martial arts, but I have heard it in many other venues as well.  It tells of  how steel becomes stronger as you fold it with other materials to […]

Samurai Slices Through Flying Baseballs

Take one pitching machine, add one samurai with sword. FIGHT! Who wins? The samurai wins, of course.

A Defined Gentleman: 3 Basic Concepts to Being a Good Man

“A gentleman is to be measured in his speech, generosity in giving, sober in eating, honesty in living, kindness in forgiving, and courageousness in fighting.”

6 Gifts a Man Deserves to Give Himself

A gift to better the man you are may help you to continue gifting your best self to those around you.

How to Become a Warrior

The warrior is sensitive enough to discern truth, and has the courage to stand up for it.

I Am Ronin

Jackie Summers on rogue Samurai and being single.

Tapping and Counting My Way Toward Chivalry

As a child, Sam Magee developed his own code of conduct, the Samurai Code. But he has learned that perhaps the code wasn’t as ideal as he had seen it.

Culture: Still I Rise

Never give up.