A Defined Gentleman: 3 Basic Concepts to Being a Good Man


“A gentleman is to be measured in his speech, generosity in giving, sober in eating, honesty in living, kindness in forgiving, and courageousness in fighting.”

6 Gifts a Man Deserves to Give Himself


A gift to better the man you are may help you to continue gifting your best self to those around you.

How to Become a Warrior

guys who wrote the book on war, Carl von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu, warriors, military genius, leadership, sensitivity, courage, male toughness

The warrior is sensitive enough to discern truth, and has the courage to stand up for it.

I Am Ronin

photo neet_lind

Jackie Summers on rogue Samurai and being single.

Tapping and Counting My Way Toward Chivalry

Samurai by Sam MaGee

As a child, Sam Magee developed his own code of conduct, the Samurai Code. But he has learned that perhaps the code wasn’t as ideal as he had seen it.

Culture: Still I Rise

Never give up.