The GMPSports Friday Sports Dump (Dec. 19 Edition)


Wai Sallas kicks off our new ‘Friday Sports Dump’ feature: acknowledging the bad, but seeking out the good.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 2

49er team Good

In Part 2 of this interview, former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, says he lost everything due to NFL-induced head trauma and offers common sense rule changes to protect NFL players going forward.

Ex-NFL Player Talks Brain Trauma, Greed and Blame: Part 1


Former 49’ers defensive tackle, George Visger, talks about his hundreds of concussions, 9 emergency brain surgeries and “NFL bullsh*t”

NFL Player Made the Ultimate Fantasy Team by Drafting Real People Who Make a Difference


Stevie Johnson stays sassy on twitter.

Why Everyone is So Mad at Richard Sherman

Sherman- AP Ackers

The outspoken Seahawks cornerback is taking lots of heat for his post-game comments, but the real problem is the way sports fans consume their storylines.

The San Francisco 49ers Complete NFC Championship Game History


Longtime 49ers fan and ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen recaps his team’s 14 prior NFC Championship Game appearances as the team prepares for its 15th.

Brother vs. Brother: A Conversation about the NFC Championship Game


ESPN game show winner Jim Jividen and his longtime friend Kirk Hiner discuss the raw emotions that accompany the upcoming game between their favorite teams.

Wisdom. For All of Us.

it gets better

JJ Vincent wants to share a message from people who fought to be who they are, and who know that “It Gets Better”.

Holy Sunday


Cassondra Bird Combs offers a touching paean to NFL Sundays.

NFL Diary: Week 2


Can Eli turn it around? Why did Jason Garrett settle for the field goal? Are the Seahawks really that good? Ryan Bradley runs down Week 2 in the NFL.

NFL Diary: Week 1


Every week this season Ryan Bradley will be reviewing the NFL weekend that was.

2013 NFL Preview: NFC South and West


Ryan Bradley finishes his 2013 NFL preview with the NFC South and West.

Chris Culliver Should Worry Less About What Gay Folks Are Doing, and More About Football – Video

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 10.05.59 AM

“Totally Biased with Kamau Bell” writer Guy Branum has a funny-but-true message for Chris Culliver and the other homophobic, gay-hating 49ers.

Coach Crush: 13 Things You May Not Know About the Harbaugh Brothers


Harbowl or Superbaugh? Here are 13 fun facts about the Superbowl coaches.

Why Kaepernick? Because He’s not Smith


Does the John Hughes classic, Pretty in Pink, explain the 49er’s quarterback controversy?

How’d that taste New England?

“Uh…they scored more points than we did.” Bill Belichick, Patriots I was 1-3 this weekend in picking playoff games.  That’s sad.  For those of you who don’t know, I did sports talk radio for a few years.*  That makes my performance this weekend totally pathetic and makes me kind of a jackwad.  That’s OK, though.  […]