Sweeps in San Francisco Aim to Force the Homeless Out

Where are people with no place to go … supposed to go?

Why I Don’t Say ‘White Privilege’

LeRon Barton suggests a different way to approach race issues.

My First Same Sex Marriage

It hit me that new generations of gay people will reach adulthood at a very different place in the continuum of opportunities—one that took me fifty years to reach.

How To Cultivate Your Darker Sexual Energy

Jordan Gray went on a journey to discover his fully expressed sexual self and became a better man in the process.

Riot Hypocrisy?

James Rigdon has lived in “riot zones”, and he has a question for all the mainstream media outlets.

The Ripple Effect: Meeting Harvey Milk

Ron Huberman’s chance meeting with Harvey Milk launched Ron on a journey that would make law enforcement history.

Mission San Francisco Takes a Stand for Free Play

Several young men and boys took a stand for the neighborhood in Mission San Francisco.

Going the Distance: Every Runner has a Reason

Ronnie Goodman may well be San Francisco’s most unexpected half-marathoner.

Urban Surfing: Let the Fun Times Roll

Devin Supertramp’s team has put it’s own twist on surfing for what they call “Urban Surfing.”

Father/Son Adventures and the Glory of The California Dipsea Trail

While out exploring with my son, we came across a pleasant surprise.

Mystery Man Pays it Forward With Twitter Treasure Hunt

The three little words that can change your day: “I found cash!”

Man Rents Billboards to Publicly Shame Distracted Drivers in San Francisco

Brian Singer, a San Francisco-based designer and employee at a well-known social media company, decided to take the problem of texting-while-driving into his own hands, creating his own anti-texting campaign.

Is The World Running Out Of Water?

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

The NFL Conference Championship Weekend: Game Previews and Predictions

Michael Kasdan previews what promises to be a stellar weekend of NFL football and offers his Super Bowl predictions.

Excerpt from SOY SAUCE FOR BEGINNERS, by Kirstin Chen

“I clamped my arms to my sides in an attempt to hide the sweat stains. ‘She’s very bright,’ Uncle Robert added, as if describing a puppy or a small child. He leaned in close like he was sharing a secret.” By Kirstin Chen

Looking For a Woman To Hang Out With

What’s it like to be a mid-life, divorced dad looking for something new and good? David Raether is hopeful.