Man Rents Billboards to Publicly Shame Distracted Drivers in San Francisco

texting while driving

Brian Singer, a San Francisco-based designer and employee at a well-known social media company, decided to take the problem of texting-while-driving into his own hands, creating his own anti-texting campaign.

Is The World Running Out Of Water?

dry lake 2

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

The NFL Conference Championship Weekend: Game Previews and Predictions

GMP NFL preview champ

Michael Kasdan previews what promises to be a stellar weekend of NFL football and offers his Super Bowl predictions.

Excerpt from SOY SAUCE FOR BEGINNERS, by Kirstin Chen


“I clamped my arms to my sides in an attempt to hide the sweat stains. ‘She’s very bright,’ Uncle Robert added, as if describing a puppy or a small child. He leaned in close like he was sharing a secret.” By Kirstin Chen

Looking For a Woman To Hang Out With

love sign

What’s it like to be a mid-life, divorced dad looking for something new and good? David Raether is hopeful.

The Frowns and the Fury: Monogamy, Gay Marriage and the Moral High Ground


On the subject of the sanctity of marriage, judge not lest ye be a GOP Congressman.

Make-a-Wish Turns San Francisco Into Gotham for Batkid

batkid, miles, make-a-wish

“I wish to be Batkid.” – Miles, age 5

Jason Lee’s Fantastical Images of Childhood

Screen Shot 2012-04-18 at 9.10.00 AM

Jason Lee isn’t your typical photographer… Or your typical dad. Joanna Schroeder chats with the artist behind the dazzling photos.

Governor Brown Signs Trans Students Bill of Rights


s.e. smith triumphs in California’s progress, but admits there is a substantial amount of work needed for the LGBTQ community.

One Communities’ Trash is an Artist’s Tapestry (Video)

Ethan Estess

Artist, Ethan Estess, makes art from what he salvages at the city dump.

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crashes in San Francisco

san francisco plane crash

Official reports indicate terrorism was not a factor in Saturday’s crash at San Francisco International Airport.

The Best LGBT Books of All Time


Benoit Denizet-Lewis asked our country’s leading queer writers to suggest five indispensable books.

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Father Helps Kids Get to Chemo

Emilio Nares, Emilio Nares Foundation, ENF, cancer, treatment, inspiration, nonprofit, not for profit

In the wake of his son’s death, Richard Nares started an organization to help low-income families get their children to chemotherapy.

May Must Reads


Need some summer reads? Check out all of the up and coming books you can’t miss.

California Assembly Committee Passes ‘Homeless Bill of Rights’

homeless bill of rights

Tweet Advocates said, ““It’s about shifting the dialogue so we can start talking about the root causes of homelessness.” A “bill of rights” for the homeless population of California is one step closer to becoming law after being passed by the Assembly Judiciary Committee this last week. According to Raw Story, the bill, which was […]

United Airlines Helps a Son Arrive in Time to Say Goodbye to His Dying Mother

united airlines (588x324)

Megan McCarthy, a United Airlines spokeswoman said, “Our employees really worked together that day to help this customer.”