Gravity and George Clooney Bring you Back Down to Earth

In his review of Gravity, Rich Monetti ends up imaging if George Clooney were Dave Bowman.

‘Minions’ Goes Back to Where it all Began

  A solo film where three minions go on a trip to save their tribe and fulfill their destiny The minions have been gaining popularity ever since Despicable Me came out in in 2010. They started as odd little henchman for Gru. They were simple but were always there to help him achieve his goals. When […]

The “Bechdel Test” is a Great Hammer, But Not Every Movie is a Nail

If we truly want to change how Hollywood portrays and uses female characters we can’t rely solely on accounting to do the job.

The Question Is…. Celebrity Elevator Challenge: Clooney Vs. Bullock

You’re trapped in an elevator with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. One will become your best friend. The other will become your greatest enemy. Which one is which?

The 12 Most Pointless Remakes Ever Remade

Beyond self-indulgent remakes, beyond ill-considered remakes, beyond even pointless remakes, there lies… the LaBeouf.

Dear Beloved Ryan Gosling

Jerry Jay Hewitt writes a letter to his muse: the captivating Ryan Gosling.

Technology: BMW’s Self Driving Car Hits The Autobahn

Time to sit back and enjoy the ride as the car of the future could be here much sooner than you think.

Oher of ‘The Blind Side’ Blasts ESPN Analyst for Saying He Had ‘Character Issues’

Michael Oher of “The Blind Side” fame had never been arrested and had a good reputation with coaches and teammates, but an ESPN analyst said he had “character issues”—which likely played a part in Oher’s slipping to the 23rd pick in the 2009 draft.

A Very Manly Oscar Season

This year’s batch of Oscar contenders are good—and pretty damn masculine. It’s not the Academy causing the imbalance, it’s Hollywood.