Waiting to Pass Judgement- A Look At Sayreville High School

Shawn Henfling shares his views on the the young men of Sayreville and remembering that they are “innocent until proven guilty.”

Ohio ACLU Claims Courts Have Revived the ‘Debtors Prison’

Many are now calling for “statewide reform.”

I’ll Never Forgive You

Four little words by Victim 4 in the Jerry Sundusky case speak volumes.

“What? Men all have that thing where we use rape to keep people in line? What the hell!?”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “An Eye for an Eye? Jerry Sandusky, Male Survivors and Prison Rape”.

An Education in Inequality

What Tim Brown has learned from the Penn State scandal about institutional racism.

Sandusky, Paterno, Rick Reilly, & Me

Marcus Williams thinks that when Rick Reilly went hard on Paterno, he may have let the rest of us off too easy.

“One great thing about the coverage of the Sandusky case was the focus on the affects of abuse.”

This is a comment by Jacobtk on the post “Returning to the Question; Continuing the Conversation”.

Death Penalty Now

Mark Ellis believes that in the case of those who sexually abuse or murder children, there should be no mercy for “good behavior,” no cover-ups, and no reassignments.

It’s Official – Penn State Covered Up Sandusky Abuses to Avoid Bad Publicity. Job Well Done.

Penn State Administrators Spanier, Schultz, Paterno and Curley concealed facts and exposed children to harm for years.

“When I talk to other survivors, I say ‘It was too much ugliness for me too, but I endured.'”

This is a comment by Rob on the post “The Sandusky Verdict: Stepping Out of the Shame”.

Withdrawing from the Sandusky and Lynn Trials

After prolonged exposure to the Sandusky and Lynn trials, it’s natural for a survivor to crave the safety of his own shell.

Sandusky Found Guilty

Trigger warning for discussion of rape. Jerry Sandusky has been convicted of molesting ten boys and found guilty of 45 of 48 counts of sexual abuse. He faces the possibility of life in prison. Justice has been served. Despite Penn State’s enabling and coverups of his crimes, despite the apologism of far too many people, […]

The Sandusky Salvo

As the parallels between the Sandusky trial and my childhood unfold, I wish I could tell other men like me what I’ve learned.

The Sandusky Trial: Reflections From Penn State

An adult survivor of abuse reports from the Sandusky trial.

Sandusky, Triggers, and Self-Care

Some things you can do if news coverage of abuse stories is triggering you. From the Executive Director of MaleSurvivor.

Can Any Good Come from the Sandusky Sexual Abuse Trial?

Will the Sandusky trial provide a better future or will it just feed voyeurism?