I Could Have Been an Active Shooter

Fortunately, I never brought a gun to school.

Maybe Don’t Post My Picture

A poem about taking away the glory that the killers in this country seek.

So Now We’re Suing The Gun Manufacturers?

Siobhán Lynch does not believe the lawsuit by parents in Newtown against Bushmaster, the maker of the AR-15, is the way forward on the guns issue.

There Have Been 92 School Shootings Since Sandy Hook and Zero Gun Law Changes

Instead of learning how to read and write, children are training to avoid getting shot in school.

Why Has There Been No Legislative Action on Guns? Blame the Silent Majority.

Stop blaming soft politicians and the NRA, and look in the mirror.

Guns Don’t Kill; Mentally Ill People Do…Wait, What?

Deanne Shoyer revisits her 2012 thoughts on the Sandy Hook shootings questioning the rush to blame mental illness and/or autism in Elliot Rodger’s rage filled Santa Barbara mass shootings.

Since Sandy Hook, Tracking Mental Health Changes Nationwide

Funds for mental health budgets were slashed a combined $4 billion from 2008 to 2012. However, in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December experts have watched that trend sharply reverse.

California Gets New Gun Control Law

California passed new legislation last week aimed at getting over 40,000 illegally owned weapons off the streets.

Gabby Giffords’s Emotional Gun Control Op-Ed Goes Viral

Giffords’ strong words for the politicians have gone viral. What do you think?

Teaching Our Kids About Tragedy: “There is Nothing Wrong With Being Scared”

Boston Marathon bombing reminded Whit Honea of a conversation he had with his son after Sandy Hook, and how love overcomes fear

Lanyards For Tourniquets

In our age of terrorism, we have become a nation of lifeguards. When tragedy hits, Americans have learned to open their doors instead of closing them.

RAW STORY: Cornyn Opposes ‘Symbolic’ Background Checks so Newtown Victims ‘Did Not Die in Vain’

Texas Sen. John Cornyn said, “Only better mental health laws will ensure that the Newtown mass shooting victims ‘did not die in vain.'”

AFP: US Senators Reach Deal on Gun-Sale Background Checks

Senators struck a hard-fought compromise Wednesday, which may result in the most ambitious change to gun laws since 1994.

Before We Talk Gun Control, Let’s Talk Self Control

School counselor Mark Vander Ley sees the issue of gun control as a broader societal issue of individuals taking responsibility for oneself

Kids and Toy Guns: Pretend Battles Rage On, Long Past Newtown

With his kids, Carter Gaddis straddles a line between regulating imaginative gun play and banning it

Police in Minnesota Town Set Up Shop in Schools

One school district in Minnesota is taking a unique approach to campus security.