How to Shrink That Santa Belly in 3 Simple Steps

There’s no need to keep that extra weight around. Follow these simple steps to say bye-bye to belly fat.

The Last Word on Santa—Rogue, God, or Jerk?

  Santa Claus: patriarchal judgmental jerk, hyper-vigilant God, or outdated rogue? Feelings Detective is on the case. — Seasonal festivals in a culture always demonstrate certain values of that culture. Christmas in America celebrates the mythical figure of Santa Claus, a speedy, fat, omnipotent god capable of making character judgments that determine one’s yearly allotment of cheer […]

9 Ways We Can Truly Save Christmas (Once and for All)

So here we go, ace! Here are some real world, multi-partisan, trans-denominational, hyper-humanistic suggestions and quick fixes that would ameliorate, alter, and save the greatest retail seasonal day ever (while possibly generating a cavalcade of new traditions and TV specials).

A Little Christmas Clarity- The Unveiling of Santa

My father, looking to peddle some stolen items, walks into a bar with my sister and me. Who do we see perched on a stool?

A Gay Dad’s Grown Up Christmas List

Henry Amador’s dad list— if we all believed in Santa.

Santa’s On Your Coke Bottle, but He’s Not Allowed at School

As a society, we need to make a clear distinction between holidays that are secular and religious celebrations. Read: Santa should be allowed at school.

Reconciling the Red Man Ruse

For my brother and me, Santa was mortal. In fact, he was many a mortal.

Call for Submissions: How Did You Find Out Santa Isn’t Real?

Apologies in advance for opening childhood wounds, but some stories are just too good not to be shared.

The Great Santa Debate: Do You Tell Your Child about Santa Claus?

Jim Mondry found himself talking with another father about how were going to tell their kids about Santa Claus and realized they had very different takes on the subject.

Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?

For kids, it’s the little things that matter. If you do Christmas in any way, Santa’s a pretty influential guy. Why not let him represent all the diversity of the people who love him?

Confessions Of A Part-Time Santa

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at bringing joy to children as a part-time Santa Clause? James Halcomb gives you the tips to realize your dream.

‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Meets ‘Die Hard’: Santa Packing Heat At Georgia Gun Club

May as well join Mike Kasdan’s ‘Caption This Photo’ contest!

The Spirit of Kringle

Christmas was coming, and little Steve O’Neill was ready to catch the man in red in action.

The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

A Civilized Christmas

In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” the baby falls in love, unrequited, and Matt ponders the socialization element of the holidays.

What Happens When Santa Doesn’t Deliver

Craig Playstead is humbled—once again—by his son and a simple truth about Santa.