The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

Memento Mori

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

A Civilized Christmas


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” the baby falls in love, unrequited, and Matt ponders the socialization element of the holidays.

What Happens When Santa Doesn’t Deliver

santa photo by bart fields

Craig Playstead is humbled—once again—by his son and a simple truth about Santa.

The Call of the Red Suit: Santa is Still Here

I love my Merrimack Hall kids. Heck, I just love being Santa.

Santa Bob has a new heart and will be listening to the secret wishes of children and adults for many years to come.

Christmas in Last Breath, NH

christmas in last breath

A Santa Claus walks into a bar…

The Call of the Red Suit: Santa Needs a Miracle

Every Santa needs a Santa Chair.

A heart attack lead to unbelievable news – Santa Bob needed a new heart. Bob Boyer writes about his journey from transplant patient back to the Red Suit.

The Call of the Red Suit: Becoming Santa

Santa Bob

Being Santa is a calling, and when the red suit called, Bob Boyer answered.

Do You Believe in Santa, Daddy?

santa, claus, present, gift, christmas, xmas

Kids have questions about Santa, and they aren’t always easy to answer. DorkDaddy has been there, and he handled it perfectly.

The 12 Best People of 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 4.13.21 PM

Sean Beaudoin compiles the dozen best people of the year—drawn from the avalanche of overall excellence we experienced as a culture. Also, their less impressive counterparts.

10 Books to Get You in the Holiday Spirit


Read these books to get in touch with the holidays in your heart.

10 Things I Want for Christmas

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 5.13.24 PM

My list for Santa is a little different than most.

Attempting to Make Christmas Not Suck This Year


No amount of repenting and stretching and bitching is going to change anything. We are already all right.

25 Ways of Thinking About the Holidays


In the first Love, Recorded of 2012, Matt looks back at the holidays, the baby turns 6-months-old and vulnerable, and the family plays Sleeping Lions. ♦◊♦ 1. When I was growing up, we spent most Christmases at the house my parents got as a wedding present from my great aunt, who lived through three nominal […]

Dear Santa: My Son Won’t Leave Occupy Boston

photo by qwrrty

An Occupier and his mother write letters to Santa Claus.

From Slim Goodbody to the Fresh Beats


Chris Illuminati is more upset than a grown man should be when an actor on a kids’ TV show gets replaced.

A Jewish Santa

For a few hours one Sunday a year I get to be the most special person in the lives of a few hundred 4-year olds. Can anything be better than that?