What Your Opinion of Sarah Palin Says About You

Sarah Palin

This week Five Bad Surfers take on male perceptions of women in the media.

Trolling Liberals For Fun And Profit


A recent Fox News clip on street harassment shows the perverse incentives in the conservative media at work.

The Sarah Palin Gravy Train


Sarah Palin’s new paid video service shows how perverse incentives are damaging Republican politics.

Environmental Justice v. Science Deniers

Environmental Justice v. Science Deniers Gastev/Flickr

Why are the conservative leaders of the U.S.A. in complete denial about environmental oppression?

Raising Our Man to Be a Man

What did you just say?!

To Garon and Jamie, equality is important, and they’re gonna make sure their little dude knows that.

Making a Kramer Out of Melissa Harris-Perry


Why the media’s coverage of the Melissa Harris-Perry controversy wrongfully made her into a villain.

The Boys’ Club and Sexism in Politics

warren and pelosi

Sexism in politics is not a Republican problem—it’s everybody’s problem.

Why Won’t The Death Panel Myth Die?


Years after it was debunked, Republicans are still hawking Sarah Palin’s “death panel” myth.

Talking to Your Daughter About Beauty


“I still remember the names of two girls my father identified as pretty in a fifth-grade class picture.”

The Government Shutdown Gold Mine

John Boehner

If you want to know why the Republican Party does so many crazy things these days, just follow the money.

“Tea Party” Pollutes Body Politic


What’s in a name? When it comes to the “Tea Party,” a distortion of history.

How Competition Among Women Reinforces Sexism


“We need to stop expecting other women to help us just because we’re women, too.”

The Data Revolution in Sports, Part 2


In Part 1 of his essay, Liam Day traced the history of the data revolution from the factory floor to baseball’s front offices and beyond. In Part 2, he examines the fear of data.

Game Over: Why Mitt Romney’s Windfall will be his Downfall [VIDEO]


Cameron Conaway believes investigative journalist Greg Palast just sunk Mitt Romney

On the Eleventh of the Eleventh

Screen Shot 2012-09-11 at 9.21.40 AM

Looking back upon what we could have learned from 9/11, Greg Olear sees only opportunists of many stripes using the events to further their agendas.

The Great Chick-fil-A Snake Oil “Faith” Hustle

Screen Shot 2012-08-03 at 4.58.50 PM

Michael Rowe believes that even if Dan Cathy were a medieval peddler selling slivers of the One True Cross, he couldn’t be more of a fraud than he is in this instance.