Yannis Pappas Enjoys the Hate as Much as the Love

Yannis Pappas, comedian and viral video creator, talks about his career.

Can Men Really Re-Grow Foreskins?

Savas Abadsidis chats with Eric Clopper about the new medical technology that may help circumcised men regrow a fully functional foreskin.

Good Guy With A Gun

The son of a former licensed gun seller might seem an unlikely choice for a gun control advocate, but Mark Glaze is doing what he can, and honors the life of James Brady.

Of Good Men and Beards

Savas Abadsidis talks to men about the way growing – or not growing – a beard defines manhood in their lives.

The Return of Vertigo: 3 Comics You Should be Reading

Earlier this year, when DC Entertainment announced that editor Karen Berger was leaving, comics fans lamented what they perceived as the death knell for the company’s signature imprint, Vertigo Comics.

Everyday Hero

Marquis Evans has become something of celebrity in New York and the Hudson Valley over the last few years. Here’s why.

There Is No Superglue for Circumcision: An Interview With Aubrey Hardwick

Aubrey Hardwick decided she “needed a damn good reason to throw a piece of her babies in the garbage.” Savas Abadsidis discusses the dilemma of unnecessary circumcision of boys with he

Finding Love in a Cross-Cultural Digital World: An Interview with Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Do you think that technology has ruined dating? What’s been your worst dating experience? What’s the most romantic thing that someone can do on a first date? Antonio Sabato, Jr. tells all.

Who Is Your Favorite Greek God? An Interview with David Berger

Savas Abadsidis talks to David Berger about his new book Task Force: Gaea, comics, movies, and Greek Gods.

Kenyth Mogan: The Geek Pop Star from Montana

Kenyth Mogan talks to Good Men Project’s Savas Abadsidis about growing up gay in Montana, music, manhood, and artistic heros.

An Idea for a Film Scribbled on a Prison Napkin: An Interview With Rahman Moore

Rahman Moore, independent filmmaker, spoke with Savas Abadsidis about drug laws, rap music and how he got his start making films.

It Takes Balls: Confessions from Comedian and Unprepared Single Dad Josh Wolf

“Kids come first but if you don’t find time to have a few beers and see a naked woman or two, you’re going to be miserable which will make you a bad parent.”

Talking ‘Dead’ With Walking Dead Writer Jay Bonansinga

Walking Dead writer Jay Bonansinga tells us The Good Men Project about what to expect this season, and about the release of his new novel.

Force of Hobbit: Man-to-Man With Stunt Man Steven McMichael

Savas Abadsidis chats with Stunt Coordinator Steven McMichael about his work in movies like Fantastic Four and X-Men, and learns how the 20 year movie veteran stays comfortable in his own skin.

Supermly Talented

Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny (a.k.a. SUPERM) are one of of the most inspirational and influential power couples in the art world. Their latest project, BEAUTY and HELL, a two part exhibition at Envoy Enterprises New York, finds inspiration in the poems of Arthur Rimbaud.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Skewers Aquaman

Ironically while he’s rehabilitated Aquaman’s image in his own comic book series as part of DC’s New 52, DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns along with the rest if Robot Chicken’s creative team (Seth Green, et al.) skewer the underwater hero in this hilarious special