How to Save a Suicidal Life

Ariel Gordon discusses talking loved ones (or even strangers) out of suicide.

Why Donating Blood May Be the Manliest Thing You Do This Year

How many ways can men be heroes? Brittni Brown examines the masculinity behind donating blood, and what it means to those it is given to.

Use Government to Save Lives and Minimize Destruction?

One example where Government helps minimize the horrific results of Mother Nature’s awesome power, saves lives, limits destruction and supports recovery.

The Other Side of Response

Becoming a first responder seemed to make disaster fall into Kendall Ruth’s path with greater frequency.

#50: Houseguest

A houseguest leaps through flames to save the life of a sleeping baby.

#47: The Fireman

It was a typical afternoon in the firehouse. Me, Danny and Pete were sat around playing five card stud, drinking cold soda and dreaming of hot pizza. The alarm went off. We folded and sprung into action.