A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Michelle Duggar


In our second letter of the day to the Duggar family, gay dad Rob Watson addresses mother Michelle about her activism against the LGBT community and how her rhetoric stands up in light of the situation her family faces.

FIFA Meeting Begins With a Bang as Arrests Put Corruption Top of the Agenda


Football’s governing body and its President Sepp Blatter are used to annual meetings which run like clockwork. US and Swiss police have made sure this time it’s different.

A Man Snaps a Selfie, and All Hell Breaks Loose on Facebook

A Man Takes by 757live tech

Naomi Fryers shares words of support for a Melbourne man falsely accused of being a creep and smeared on social media.

Bill Cosby and the New Meaning of Integrity

Bill Cosby by Ted Eytan

Matthew Rozsa meditates on the downfall of Cosby and the rise of the new integrity.

Do the Hosts of “The Talk” Really Think a Woman Hitting a Man is OK?

the talk

Sure, it’s “just entertainment” but it is also a belief system that condones the abuse of men. Why do we think that is funny?

Why ‘Scandal’ Is One Of The Most Important Shows Ever For The Gay Rights Movement


Words of wisdom to homophobes of the world: Don’t tweet your hate to Shonda Rhimes.

The Greatest Imperfect Hero

Oliva Pope

Who’s your favourite flawed but hyper-competent hero?

“Have we become obsessed with skeleton’s in everyone’s closets?”


This comment by SpyralBound on the post Cheering on the Bully and the Killer: Is That Entertainment?

Striking Out

Dwight Gooden

Hank Kalet presents a compelling poem about baseball and teaching, expertly drawing parallels between the speaker’s personal life, Dwight Gooden’s mixed legacy, and a seemingly pedestrian classroom exercise.

Chris Christie is Just Another Old-Fashioned New Jersey Boss

AP photo Christopher Barth - Christe

Chris Christie has tried to make it seem like he’s different than other politicians… Does the Fort Lee bridge scandal prove he’s just another New Jersey boss?

The Boys’ Club and Sexism in Politics

warren and pelosi

Sexism in politics is not a Republican problem—it’s everybody’s problem.

Santa Sex Tape


One celebrity whose star will never set is Santa Claus’, and one reason why is that he’ll never be brought low by scandal.

The Conspiracy Theorists Among Us


Shows like Scandal and House of Cards make for interesting entertainment, but they tell us little about how politics actually works.

Spoiler Alert: It’s On You To Avoid Spoilers – Even For ‘The Walking Dead’

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes

Joanna Schroeder was chastised for posting Walking Dead spoilers on Twitter after the show aired… And she’s none too pleased about it.

The Blackslide:The Golden Age of Blacks on Television


Alex Yarde thinks resting upon our laurels cost us progress for blacks in television.

In Spite of Leaked Sex Tape, Minister Shows Support for Kevin Terry

Stanley Carter2

With two children out of wedlock, church musician Stanley Carter says he refuses to cast judgment on the embattled male gospel singer caught on camera in a sexual act.