School Shooting Rumor Elicits Mixed Reactions

In earshot of hearsay regarding a school shooting, Mr. Walter Hudson, a New Jersey activist becomes fearful, but School District official suggest hyperbole.

Fire Your Guns

Quentin Lucas has a thought about guns in America.

Sometimes, All You Can Do is Hug Your Kids

It’s been two years since Pete Wilgoren covered the Newtown, CT tragedy for a news station. He takes us back to how he felt that day and what he did.

What Do You Do When Your Child Texts You to Say: “There’s a Shooting at My School”?

Welcome to 21st century parenting.

Let Him Cry

Adam Dyer recalls feeling trapped as an angry young teenager. And as a man, having to bargain with society to let him express his emotions.

There Has Been an Average of One School Shooting Every Other School Day So Far This Year

Last year was supposed to be a year of action to curb gun violence in our schools. But three weeks into the new year, statistics suggest that the problem could actually be worsening.

School Clerk Stops Violence With Human Connection

What we can learn from the dramatically undramatic events in Decatur.

12 Year Old Boy Arrested for Fake School Shooting Call. Can You Suggest Ways To Stop This?

Let’s work together on solutions. Leave suggestions in the comments.

Newtown Shooting Survivor Sues Board of Ed for $100 Million

Is this the action that will make our children safe?

The Newtown Tragedy: Boys Need Role Models Now More Than Ever

Shooting after shooting, we’re confronted by the question of what it means to be a man. We refuse to answer—and we all suffer for it.

Five Children’s Questions About the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I have heard questions from many children, some from my own kids. I thought I’d offer some responses I’ve shared.

Shooter Opens Fire In Oakland Classroom

43 year-old student at Oikos University in Oakland, CA killed seven classmates on Monday.