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Faith Boninger and Alex Molnar on how stuff gets sold to kids in school – and it’s not pretty.

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What does the prevalence of cheating say about our society?

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On global campuses, academic freedom has its limits.

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Teaching a bully how to be more empathetic may just help them become a bigger and better bully.

Three Things a Parent Can Do to Help Boys Thrive in School

Parents – here are the steps to help your young men succeed academically.

13 Life Lessons from 13 Years of Teaching

High school English teacher Jeremy McKeen has gleaned quite a bit in his first years of teaching. School’s in, so take your seat and let’s learn something new.  — After thirteen years of teaching high school English in the city and having my own children in the public schools for a few years now, I’m old enough to […]

The Artist and the Bully

“Nobody’s Special!” The Bully poured these words over a student at my daughter’s school. Tears marched down her cheeks and into her soul.

Hey Dad, What’s the Best Age for Teaching your Kids Another Language?

Easier than it looks? The Florence Myles on picking up a new language.

Make the Last Days of Summer With Your Kids Count

Summer’s nearly over and school’s around the corner. So make the most of playtime with your kids.

Call for Submissions: Back to School – Out in the Halls

Jr. high, high school, college, trade school, any school can be challenging for gay, bi, trans*, and queer folk. We want to hear your stories and advice.

The Day My 10-Year-Old Son Asked Me About Sex

At a moment when he least expected it, his son asked him about sex. Instead of letting him learn from others, here’s what he did.  — “Dad, the other day when you and mom were looking online to see if I could watch The Flash, I overheard you say ‘I think it’s ok, but pretty […]

Three Words to the Most Important Man in My Life

Sebastian Harris learns to say I love you to another man.

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Doug Gertner’s 15 year old son wore a dress to the second day of school. Here’s how he reacted.