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It’s Time to Bank on Relationship: A New Way to Reach ALL Kids

What would happen if instead of complaining about today’s kids, and blaming them for their shortcomings, we spent a little more time connecting with them, building relationship. — On a snowy January day, there are few things I would rather avoid more than driving on the unplowed roads at 6:30 am. However, when my 16 year […]

In Defense of Standardized Testing, Part III: Vital Data for Dads

Attention all fathers: district and personal test scores can be powerful tools for your child.

What Your Daughter Wants to Hear During a Career Transition

In times of uncertainty, there is no other comfort in the world other than knowing you are not alone.

One Man’s Personal Mission To Help

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Challenging Gender Stereotypes through Children’s Books

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Who is Shaping Notions of “Right” Parent Involvement?

By looking at why certain parent behaviors are appreciated more than others, it’s clear that there are culture, gender, and race biases at play.

All it Takes is One Teacher

Another example of how Mr. Danziger helps his students cope with the repercussions of incarceration.

Daddy’s First Day at School

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When Families Move, High School Students May Suffer

Regardless of the circumstances, a move during adolescence can have negative effects on how teens perform in school.

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