6 Questions to Ask Children Concerning Their Education

If we can begin to have some casual conversations about what we take for granted we can come to a place where we see life for the wonderment that it is.

The Most Important School Subject? How About History

Schools should recognize their purpose is not solely to turn out good, little “workers;” their mission is to give young people the knowledge and wisdom to thrive as humans.

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Insider Tips for Being Your Child’s Best Advocate at School

As a parent, how do you help your child through tough situations at school? — When our kids go to school every day, we trust that they are well supervised, safe and protected by the professionals in the classroom and administrative offices. But there are times when issues arise at school that concern or alarm […]

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It’s Time to Bank on Relationship: A New Way to Reach ALL Kids

What would happen if instead of complaining about today’s kids, and blaming them for their shortcomings, we spent a little more time connecting with them, building relationship. — On a snowy January day, there are few things I would rather avoid more than driving on the unplowed roads at 6:30 am. However, when my 16 year […]

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