Hope in What Work We Do

Even an empty classroom holds hope.

Michael Copperman talks about the hope and rewards that come from teaching at-risk students.

Boom! Is This Any Way to Keep Kids in School?

slack off

Is the new, graphic, Australian PSA worth its weight in pageviews? Christian Clifton responds.

The Last Black President

Barack Obama

Why would a high school teacher try to crush the dreams of a child? He doesn’t like Barack Obama.

A School, A Gun, and a Generation’s Burden

ninja photo by gudlyf flicker

Brian Shea reflects on violence in schools vs. his memories of years ago. And calls upon a new generation to find their own way.

55 Years in School: And So It Stands

Pisco, Art at TMS May 2012 015

Can you miss a building almost as much as the people within? Perhaps.

Good Man: Mr .Wright – A Truly Amazing Teacher

Teacher Jeffrey Wright with son, Adam

Student Denaz Taylor calls his teacher, Jeffrey Wright, “…a good man.” JJ Vincent has to agree.

12 Years A Star, Black Boys Achieved

Idris Acheives

Years in the making, Parents Joe Brewster and Michele Stephenson show that the missing piece in education reform is parental engagement.

You Have My Word

bully documentary imbd

After watching the movie Bully, Larry Bernstein vows to do everything he can to help stop bullying. What will you do?

How Would You Feel If These Stats Were True About Your Child’s School District? (Video)


What percentage of students in Philadelphia will go on to graduate from college? The answer will shock you.

Entire Oklahoma Town Flattened by Tornado

oklahoma tornado, oklahoma, moore oklahoma, moore, tragedy, destruction, disaster, natural disaster, first responders, community, schools

After the giant tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, Melissa Newton and city manager Steven Eddy talk about being in the middle of the destruction.

See What One School Did to Eliminate Bullying (Video)


Larchmont Elementary used the time during MLK day and No Name Calling week to talk about civil rights and the great leaders that fought for them.

If I Had a Handgun

photo by scubabix

Dennis Danziger would like us to all sing along in irony at the idea of arming classroom teachers.

5 Questions from the Steubenville Rape Case

Once I get beyond my initial feelings about the whole situation, I’m left wrestling with a number of questions that still feel terribly unresolved.

Guess Who Created Your Little Bully?

maternity ward, parents, parenthood, mother and father, where bullying starts, domestic violence

Lisa Dixon-Wells, bullying prevention expert, on bullying behavior: how it starts, where it leads, how to stop it.

After Seeing Fine Arts Being Cut From Schools … Will My Child Have the Same Opportunities That I Did? (Video)


The short documentary “The Missing Note” shows how fine arts are not just fun but integral for students and their education and what we can do to save them.

Call for Action From The New Education Editor

Mike Andrews new Education Editor

Mike Andrews, the Good Men Project’s new education editor, talks about how he came to be involved in education, and how you can make your own voice heard.