What’s Really Wrong With ‘Nice Guys’ – Entitlement, Nerds, and Neanderthals

Dr. NerdLove explains that fear is what’s ruining your life, not women.

Is There a Non-Creepy Way to Run Behind a Woman?

Running has caused me to follow many women I don’t know. Is there a right way or a wrong way to run along an empty street?

Managing My Menace

On navigating the world as an intimidating-looking guy.

Call for Submissions: Male Stereotypes

Does the stereotypical man exist?

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N.C. Harrison attempts to redefine a hackneyed trope while coming to terms with his own masculinity.

Watching Her Walk in Her Sexual Power

Pamela Madsen imagines a day when women and men can flirt without fear.

The Burrito and the Universe

A world traveler tastes his first burrito, and gets his first lesson in American paranoia.

Schrodinger’s Rapist: Yes, We Have To Talk About This Again

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and abuse. Schrodinger’s Rapist is not about “all men are rapists.” It is not even about “all men are potential rapists.” All men are, in fact, potential rapists, in much the same sense as all women are potential rapists, and all brunettes are potential rapists. All people are potential […]