Scrabble, Ecstasy, and Fertility Clinics

Are we pushing the limits of human nature or trying to figure out where they might be?


“I was luckier than my father as the great love of my life seemed to be indestructible. I played Scrabble.” By James Browning

What We Argue About

Daiva Markelis demonstrates why a little arguing can be good for a couple in the long run.

The Rose Conundrum

A word game ties young Andy Bodle to his grandmother—and a chance at TV quiz show greatness on Countdown.

Schemers and Dreamers: The Popcorn Machines That Never Were

Sam Sattin had always regarded his grandfather as a little bit crazy, but lately he’s come to embrace what connects him to the family patriarch.

Withholding Sex is Not a Joke

David Eagle thinks a recent Jack in the Box commercial featuring a woman withholding sex from her husband reinforces damaging stereotypes about gender and desire.

Does Renuzit’s New Ad Objectify Men?

Eric Henney says objectification of both sexes has a long history in advertising, but wonders if it’s as harmless as we’d like to believe.

#26: The Best Friend

“To this day he has never asked me out.”