Scrabble, Ecstasy, and Fertility Clinics


Are we pushing the limits of human nature or trying to figure out where they might be?


THE FRACKING KING Final Cover - Hi-Res

“I was luckier than my father as the great love of my life seemed to be indestructible. I played Scrabble.” By James Browning

What We Argue About


Daiva Markelis demonstrates why a little arguing can be good for a couple in the long run.

The Rose Conundrum

play on words, games grandmothers play, favorite grandson

A word game ties young Andy Bodle to his grandmother—and a chance at TV quiz show greatness on Countdown.

Schemers and Dreamers: The Popcorn Machines That Never Were

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 11.25.18 AM

Sam Sattin had always regarded his grandfather as a little bit crazy, but lately he’s come to embrace what connects him to the family patriarch.

Withholding Sex is Not a Joke

Screen Shot 2012-09-09 at 8.47.19 PM

David Eagle thinks a recent Jack in the Box commercial featuring a woman withholding sex from her husband reinforces damaging stereotypes about gender and desire.

Does Renuzit’s New Ad Objectify Men?

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 10.05.19 AM

Eric Henney says objectification of both sexes has a long history in advertising, but wonders if it’s as harmless as we’d like to believe.

#26: The Best Friend


“To this day he has never asked me out.”