What Explains Donald Trump? A Pie Chart Analysis

I’ve tooled around with ideas about why Trump just secured the 2016 Republican nomination, but since a graphic says at least 500 words, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a pie chart.

An Open Letter to Jerry Falwell Jr.

Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., recently compared Donald Trump to the biblical King David; with absolutely no due respect, I disagree.

Hey, Gavin McInnes, Men Don’t Get to Say Where Women Are Happier

Naomi Fryers examines the real motives behind Gavin McInnes’s sexist trolling on Fox News when he tells women where they belong.

I Am a Deadly Weapon

George Zimmerman’s defense claims that un-armed Trayvon Martin was just as deadly as his pistol. That’s nonsense.

The Elephant in the Room: Militarism

Jeff Cohen believes militarism and perpetual war are our country’s biggest problems.

Sean Hannity, Take Note: Physical Courage is Easier Than Moral Courage

It’s easy to blindside someone and lay them out; it’s a lot harder to stand up in a locker room of 52 teammates and say it’s wrong to try and intentionally hurt an opponent.

It’s Time for the GOP to Vote Some People Off Their Island

Why the Grand Old Party should take a cue from “Survivor.”

Fast and Furious – Sympathy for the POTUS?

The timing of the Fast and Furious investigation may be cause for GOP concern.

The Spirituality of #Occupy

Jack Varnell looks at the #Occupy movement through the lens of “everything has spiritual consequences”.