Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Not Be Able to Carry Guns Into a State Capitol Building

start the conversation

Politics Editor Paul Blest thinks the current conversation about guns is disingenuous. It’s time to change that.

Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Be Able To Carry Guns Into A State Capitol Building

start the conversation

An Oklahoma state senator recently reported 40 state sheriffs lobbying in Oklahoma. Contributor Michael Amity thinks that’s morally reprehensible.

A Man Was Shot In The Chest And You Can Guess Exactly What Happened Next


Killing a man in the United States is faster and easier than ordering fast food at a drive-thru.

Iowa Gun Law Places Us All in the Crosshairs


Blind in Iowa? Well, here’s a gun permit.

Mr. Colion Noir: Why Black Leaders Should Be Pro-Gun (VIDEO)

Colion Noir 2

Mr. Noir argues, “This isn’t a black or white, Democrat or Republican issue. This is common sense, this is self-preservation.”

Why Are Some People Calling For Piers Morgan to Be Deported?

Piers Morgan_GMP (588x331)

Petitions both for and against deporting the controversial talk show host are raising questions about who the U.S. Constitution applies to.

Jesus—An Accessory to Murder?


“…because school sponsored prayer was deemed unconstitutional decades ago, Jesus got really pissed off last Friday—so pissed that he decided to play accessory to the murder of 20 children and 7 adults… “

Incentivizing Violence: When Will the Insanity End!?


Professor Warren Blumenfeld’s manifesto on gun promotion and the (im)possibility of gun control

Why I Purchased My First Hand Gun


One man from an anti-gun culture comes to embrace firearms and the responsibility and freedom they embody.

We Don’t Want to Play Anymore


David Olimpio wanted to be a spy when he grew up. Now he’s glad he left violent games in boyhood, and worries about the men who did not.

Playing with Guns


We teach kids that driving a car is a responsibility, but we still teach kids to drive. What do we teach them about the responsibility of gun ownership?

Liberty and Death: What a Man Can Do With a Gun


Second amendment rights come with limits, including discipline and regulation.

Taking Guns Out of the Closet

Taking Guns Out of the Closet

Will Weaver’s “The Last Hunter” highlights one of the biggest stumbling blocks to a productive debate about guns in contemporary America.

9mm Swizzle Stick

Gun in a bar

If you’ve been looking for a fool-proof way to motivate a crummy waiter, you might be in luck: more states are now permitting loaded guns in bars and restaurants.