When Can We Talk About Guns?

Michael Carley asks if there’s ever going to be a good time to talk about gun control, because there seem to be more distractions and excuses than conversations.

A Dad Mourns the Loss of Reason in America’s Gun Culture

Matt Sweetwood won a landmark Supreme Court case regarding gun rights. He recently wrote a 6-point plan to curtail gun violence. Much to his frustration, he found that neither side on the issue wanted to listen. He tries again.

Guns Save Lives is a Lie

When compared to the numbers”GUNS SAVE LIVES” is Orwellian double speak. We need proposals for common sense gun control.

Gun Control Now!

We need reevaluate the political right’s obsession with the so-called “freedom” to bear arms because it is not only “criminals who kill people.”


Who is the boy inside the man holding the gun?

Jose Canseco Shoots His Finger Off With His Handgun, And It’s Not Funny

Mike Kasdan is treating José Canseco’s gun accident as an opportunity to talk about gun control and the disturbing statistics on gun-related injuries.

An Open Letter: The Right To Bear Arms … Or Bare Arms?

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf asks why a school would embrace images of kids with guns as normal . . . while deeming girls baring arms, or legs, or shoulders a punishable offense.

How To Sell Guns To Children

We need to talk about this alarming new children’s book.

This is Not My America

Lost to America is the ability to compromise, which once made us the greatest of nations. Doug Zeigler wonders if we can ever regain the empathy for others that we once revered.

“Gun control advocates to only restrict political opponents guns?”

Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Culture Does

It’s Always Loaded: Are Some ‘Gun Advocates’ Harming Their Own Cause?

Anthony Luiz believes in his right to be a responsible gun owner, and is angry at all of the idiots treating guns irresponsibly in the name of the Second Amendment.

A Kinder, Modernized Second Amendment

Are threats and intimidation the M.O. of gun rights activists? Chris Hicke delves into one of the more divisive topics facing our nation today.

Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Not Be Able to Carry Guns Into a State Capitol Building

Politics Editor Paul Blest thinks the current conversation about guns is disingenuous. It’s time to change that.

Start the Conversation: Law Enforcement Should Be Able To Carry Guns Into A State Capitol Building

An Oklahoma state senator recently reported 40 state sheriffs lobbying in Oklahoma. Contributor Michael Amity thinks that’s morally reprehensible.

A Man Was Shot In The Chest And You Can Guess Exactly What Happened Next

Killing a man in the United States is faster and easier than ordering fast food at a drive-thru.

Iowa Gun Law Places Us All in the Crosshairs

Blind in Iowa? Well, here’s a gun permit.