What is Your “Dirty Little Secret”?


What is the one thing you hide because you are so scared of what other people will think? Time to open up.

Lone Admirer: 5 Reasons Keeping Your Crush Secret Will Only Hurt You


It’s easy to play it cool, but how far will that really get you? Ashley Dinkle opens up.

Don’t-Tell-the-Wife Secrets That Men Keep


Ty Wenger on sharing the stuff men aren’t supposed to share.

Shhh….Don’t Tell Anyone How Much Men Love This Stuff

guilty photo carsten scherter

JJ Vincent reveals a secret about the “girlie stuff” men deny doing-we secretly love it.

6 Things a CrossFitter Won’t Tell You (but maybe they should)


Alan Bishop gets brutally honest about some CrossFit secrets he wishes some were let in on.

5 Ways a Man Can Truly Embrace a Woman’s Sexual Expression


Lasara Firefox Allen wants men to know how to get sexy in a way that makes a woman feel free to be herself.

What I Don’t Want You To Know


Nate Bagley admits something he’s never told anybody.

Five More Secrets I Keep From My Kids

Five More Secrets I Keep From My Kids

Jerry Mahoney countdowns his continuing list of parenting secrets that he hopes his kids never find out about.

“The best reason remains ‘it’s so terribly complicated'” [What Reason Do You Have for Not Cheating?]

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This comment was by Lars Fischer on the post 1 Reason Why I Don’t Cheat.

Remembering Bobby Darin: A Man, His Music and What Kept Him Racing Against Time


Joe Rutland remembers Bobby Darin and his life of secrets.

Mindfulness for Fathers: Giving Your Child a Secret Space

child reading-by roy costello-flickr

Matthew Remski recognizes the need to foster the awareness of self his young son is beginning to develop.

From Two Sides: Confiding Your Secrets

Sharing secrets

Brandy and Leoance Williams examine what can happen when couple share secrets…with people outside of their relationship.

How to Have a Great First Date

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First dates can be rough. Mary Ann Lomas gives advice on how to make the most of your first date.

The Unmanly Secrets We Keep (Or, “I Didn’t MEAN to watch it, but it was in the player. Honest.”)

photo by pathawks

JJ Vincent actually enjoys some activities that fall outside the stereotypical “man-box”. And he’s ok with that.

“We Steal Secrets” – How The Shadows Of Julian Assange & Bradley Manning Change The World


On Assange, Manning, and the external and inner demons they face.

Family Outings: Call for Submission Due 7/24


Trips, travel, secrets, love, discovery, beauty, disaster. What’s your family outing story?