White Supremacy & Devaluation of African [Heritage] Lives

Murdering animals in Africa feeds the continual segregation and murder of African heritage, attributed to a white supremacist plundering of life.

Violence against the “Other” as Systematic Blight on Our Society

We are all animals, but some people more than others.

Night Train

Jarrett Neal reflects on the heartbreak and alcoholism that so often attended black men from “the Jim Crow South” in this searing poem.

Everyday Racism: Witness to the Persecution

Do you know what everyday racism looks like? Sami Jankins keeps her eyes open to it.

I Am Vulnerable Because I’m Disabled, Not Because I’m a Woman

Erin Kelly reveals the detrimental impact of gender stereotyping on both men and women with disabilities.

REsegregation? Race and Education 1954 to 2014

Warren Blumenfeld considers the different languages of “Race” and school REsegregation since Brown v Board of Education.

Racial Segregation Returns to US Schools, 60 Years After the Supreme Court Banned it

As the US marks the 60th anniversary of the landmark Brown vs Board of Education ruling, some of the country’s schools remain racially divided.

He Was A Good Man: How Do You Want to be Remembered?

I’ve never really cared about my legacy, and then I read the obituary of a crazy racist.

28 Black People You Probably Don’t Know About (But You Should)— Orrin Evans

The journalist who helped end segregation in the military also published the first comic book with black heroes and black creators.