What Van Gogh Can Teach Us About Ourselves

How do you paint yourself?

Four Cognitive Biases That Undermine Compassion

Confirmation bias nudges us to avoid people with opposing views, but engaging with them can make us more compassionate.

Building Blocks to Becoming a Better Man: Part 3–Discipline and Rest

Men need discipline to do their best work and rest to reboot the body, mind and spirit.

Incredible Things That Happen Once You Learn to Love Being Alone

Emotional Intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry lays out the huge benefits of solitude.

The Words of MLK – What Most of Us Forget About Greatness

Dr. King said everyone can be great, because everyone can serve. But he also set requirements for that service which are often overlooked.

Ignoring Your Inner Critic

What does your inner critic say to you? Does it whisper sarcastic compliments or does it scream insults? As a writer, I have both fans and critics. It’s expected and accepted. What many writers deal with, however, is something a bit different. It’s an internal critic who is often ruthless and harsh. Imagine if all of […]

A Dad’s 12 Wants for the 12 Days of Christmas

Matt Sweetwood would like to take advantage of the 12 days of Christmas. He has a wish for each day.

The Sex I Wanted and the Sex I Deserved

As a queer cripple, I’ve come to realize that spontaneous sex is an illusion.

Requiem for a Holiday

Louise Thayer looks at the journey of life through remembrances of Christmases past.

Jane Fonda, a Woman Who Has Confronted Men Over a Lifetime, Confronts Herself

Jane Fonda has confronted many men. Recently she took stock of her life and confronted herself in an open letter.

10 Things Everyone Should Do After a Breakup

Did you just go through a break-up? Frank Lowe has some tough love and a to-do list for you. Get your pencils out. Ready? Go.

Personal Leadership Begins With Self Awareness

These three questions, answered honestly, are the backbone of even moderate levels of success.

A Life in Motion; How Traveling Made Me the Man I Am

Choosing a life on the move isn’t as romantic as it sounds, but it develops self awareness and character like nothing else in the world.

How to be a Healer of Stress

Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudy Tanzi believe asking people to have less stress is like asking fish to have less water. We can try to shrug off stress as normal but the body cannot.

Can Narcissists Be Cured?

Ross Rosenberg explains why narcissists act superior and entitled and answers the question of whether they can change.

How to Stop Old Wounds from Stealing Your Relationships

“Here’s the dilemma – let go of the armor and risk being hurt or don’t let go of the armor and the relationship you deserve will struggle to find you.”

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