Are We Ever Done Healing?

are we ever doen healing

Here are some easy tips for living a more self-care oriented life.

Letting You Stay: The Complexities of “After” as a Queer Person with Disabilities

letting you in

When you’re used to your date jumping and running, what do you do when he stays?

Online Videos Causing IRL Erectile Problems? These Three Steps Can Help

arrow by greg nehring 2609405510_c0265f7cdd_b adapted

Andrew Smiler discusses a straightforward and often effective solution to adult video-induced erectile difficulties.

11 Tips for Surviving a Malignant Divorce

malignant divorce

“Your divorce won’t look like others you have heard about; let go of some preordained idea of what you expect to happen. Be ready for anything and assume nothing.”

Friday Reader Tweets of the Day


See what our readers are saying about us on Twitter!

#GMPChat: Self Care is Important for Men Too

“Taking care of yourself is the most powerful way to begin to take care of others.” -Byrant McGill

20 Ways to Choose Happiness

choose happiness

“Unhappiness occurs when we obsess about the past or worry about the future. Peace and serenity are found in the present moment.”

How to Wake Up Better [video]


Raise your hand if you love waking up in the morning! Anyone? Yeah, me neither.

4 Relationship Rules To Live By


Jordan Gray says that all of our relationships (intimate or otherwise) are so much simpler than we once thought.

Finding Happiness in the Vulnerable Self: Rikin Vasani’s Journey

Finding Happiness by Rikin Vasani

Sometimes, a guy just sits down in front of the camera and spills. This is one of those times.

The Skill of Self-Forgiveness


Shaky Shergill talks about how he discovered one of the most important practices for emotional well-being.

How Playing Hookie is Good for Your Health

Self Care Photo for GMP

5 Self Care Rituals for a more relaxed, more fun life. Guaranteed. And yes: playing hookie is one of them.

Soft Boy to Sensitive Man: the Changing Requirements of Masculinity

Loving Myself as a Mac

I was really afraid inside. I was terrified that someone would see that underneath the strong armor I was a wimp.

You Don’t Have To Get Ripped To Be Man – Just Look After Yourself

You Dont Have to Be Ripped

Dr. Richard Norris wants you to know that being a man is about being able and willing to look after yourself. It isn’t about being buff, ripped or macho.

14 Self-Care Practices That Can Help You Find a Happy and Healthy Life

placid-y Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho-flickr

Danny Baker outlines 14 self-care practices he learned during his personal journey through depression, addiction and mental illness.

Why I Won’t Date (For Now)

GMP Picture

A young man, at the apparent prime of his dating life, decides to give up on dating