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When his happiness quotient in relationship is down, Dr. Steve checks out these items to see what needs attention.

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It can be hard to believe that we have value for just existing. And then someone reminds us in the simplest way.

10 Mindful Practices to Soothe Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can feel hopeless. Kathryn Hogan offers 10 ways you can consciously make yourself feel better.

A New Definition of Self-Care to Improve Your Health

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When You’re Feeling Self-Doubt & a Lack of Motivation

We are not machines, perfectly oiled and constantly charged up and ready to fire on all cylinders. We are human, which means we falter, we doubt, we feel pain.

Self-care: A Missing Component of Teacher Development

Schools and school systems must provide the space necessary for educators to take care of themselves – or risk losing them.

Creating A New Cornerstone Habit: Exercise

Bad habits are hard to break, and new habits are hard to make. This one is worth the trouble.

You Don’t Need Permission To Heal

Stop asking permission to heal. Free yourself from fear and doubt. ––– I considered the phrase from the simple implications of the word permission and found myself recoiling from this word. Speaking with a friend the other night, this phrase entered the conversation: “permission to heal.” At first, I considered it from the perspective of self permission. For sure, I […]

Why You Need To Be Selfish Now So You Can Be Selfless in the Long Run

Being selfish now doesn’t make you a selfish human being. Paul Hudson tells us how.

Does DNA Have a Sound?

A first hand account of utilizing Regenetics to heal oneself.

In Praise Of Emotionally Strong Women

Jordan Gray is grateful for every single tear that has ever been kissed away… or left to dry on someone’s face in the presence of a strong woman. —– Here’s to the emotionally strong women… The women that have done their work. The women that know the value of self-love and self-care. The women that hold […]

What is Your “Dirty Little Secret”?

What is the one thing you hide because you are so scared of what other people will think? Time to open up.

Self Care: Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Sometimes, knowing your potential can kill you. Take it easy.

8 Sure Fire Self Care Tips for Guys

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