I Box, Therefore I Am (Part One)

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Tim Lineaweaver isn’t a violent man, but he learned what is to be gained from learning to box.

Standing With President Obama Against Rape

maura barclay

Stuart Glascock was startled to discover the incredible prevalence of rape, and found a book that put it all into perspective for him.

I Had To Kill A Guy At Work Yesterday


A student explains why he can’t take the midterm tonight.

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

Symptoms of an Epidemic: Knockout


David Karpel, a father and self-defense instructor, believes the “Knockout Game” is yet another example of how we are failing our boys.

Dad’s Defense: Facing the Dangers

hit, fight, attack, self-defense, fist, punch, fighting

Vincent Daly had a scary encounter while out with his family, and now he has a plan for safety in the face of danger.

Florida to Hold Hearings On ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law This Fall


Will Weatherford, the Republican speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives, revealed on Friday that the state’s legislature will hold hearings on its infamous “Stand Your Ground” laws sometime this fall.

The 24 States That Have Sweeping Self-Defense Laws Just Like Florida’s

US Neighborhood Watch

In Florida, there is no duty to retreat. You can “stand your ground” outside your home. In fact, If self-defense is invoked in Florida, the person is immune from criminal or civil prosecution.

Zimmerman Found Not Guilty


Evidently Florida law protects defending yourself against a person you attacked.

How To Be a Prepper Parent

capt bill and family

Capt. William E. Simpson is a survivalist. And naturally enough, so are his children — and his grandchildren.

On the Rejection of Sexual Abuse Prevention Education


Knowing how to teach sexual abuse prevention education means nothing unless there’s an opportunity to do so.

What Are You Prepared to Do?

be prepared, mass shootings, take action, LIRR shooting, Columbine, Fort Hood, Aurora, shootings, self defense, heroism, masculinity, manhood

In case of a violent attack, J. A. Drew Diaz says that it’s time to embrace the corollary to the Boy Scout motto: be prepared to fight back.

Hyperarousal: Beyond Fight or Flight

the fight begins

In a crisis, your choices are limited, but it’s not as bad as you think.

Open Thread: When Is Deadly Force Justified?


At what point does it become appropriate to take a hatchet to someone?

Jordan Davis Shot Dead in Florida


Another unarmed black teenager has been gunned down in Florida. Will this play out the same way the Trayvon Martin killing did?

Fierce Resistance


Why do we continue to blame the victims of sexual assault?