How to Handle the Middle-Aged Hoax


Anthony Carter pondered on what to do and decided it was time for “No more Mr. Nice Gay.”

100 Words on Love: Late Night Conversation


“I’m happy. I love myself. Life is good.”

#YouCantBreakMe: These Bullying Victims Prove You Have To Go Through It To Get Through It (Video)


Many ‘beautiful’ people have battled through ugly pasts. In this video, you’ll see their testimonies.

“Is Physical Beauty Important for Practically Everybody?”


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Surrogates, Social Media, and Self Worth


The future presented in Surrogates paints a bleak picture for our technologically obsessed culture, especially with our ever increasing focus on social media. Christian Clifton doesn’t want to live in that future.

What If Comparing Your Success With Others Isn’t Such a Bad Thing?

Apparently this wasn’t always enough.

We may not be able to stop measuring ourselves against others, but we can decide which yardstick we use to measure.

Avoid These 4 Relationship Pitfalls & Save Your Marriage

pitfall, relationship pitfalls, marriage

As a divorce lawyer, Morghan Leia Richardson sees couples fall into these 4 traps over and over.

25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Our favorite lifestyle guru Leo Babauta returns with tips on how to develop self confidence

“Too many men do not seem to know who they are!”

Benefits of sex

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How a Gay Grandparent will Lovingly Raise Black Boys

These could be our boys.

Anthony Carter feels his biggest challenge will be protecting their innocence and encouraging others to believe that black children have innocence and it is worth protecting.

When Your Partner Stops Giving: The Silent Pain of Emotional Withholding

When Your Partner Stops Giving by Solis Invicti

The suffering caused by emotional withholding can be more excruciating than verbal or even physical abuse. How to recognize it—and what to do.

2 Questions My Girlfriend Shouldn’t Ask Me (But Does So Anyway)


The author knew better. But he answered two of his girlfriend’s questions honestly. He lived to write about it.

“I find chemistry to be a bigger definer of attraction…than what society has told me I should like in a man.”


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3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful


Many women these days have never been told nor shown that they are beautiful. Here’s why.

When Should I Tell My Kids They’re Not Ugly?

kids, dads, parents, beauty, inner beauty, attractiveness, positive body image, healthy body image, self-esteem, self-worth

Ben Martin wants his kids to feel attractive, but wants them to value inner beauty more.

Why Your Imperfections Are a Gift

gift package

Dillan DiGiovanni asks you to give up perfectionism and embrace-yes, embrace-your imperfections.