Is Your Body Beach-Worthy? (Call for Submissions)

How do you feel and think about your body?

The Most Unusual Candidate in Texas State Politics

Huey Rey Fischer was expecting pushback while running for State Representative in Texas. He was not expecting to find it from his own LGBTQ community.

Staying in the Game

I’d like to say this is the story of a kid whose dad loved him even though he wasn’t the best player on the team. But it’s not.

Ripping Up the Script as a Sexy, Seated Man With Disabilities

I’m learning that to get what I want, I need to stop giving so many instructions and let you discover me.

The Biology of Leaving Church

Leaving church is more than walking away from something. It’s walking away from someone. That’s why we feel it so deeply, good or bad.

6 Tips Women Wish Men Knew While They Diet

Help boost our confidence, and you will survive the diet journey we are on.

Task 2: It’s Your Body Dude, Time To Own It

Joe Doe wants you to start the year off by seeing what you really are. Look at yourself in the mirror. —   “What an ugly beast is the ape, and how like us.” Cicero (106–43B.C) To see yourself as you are, you must see yourself as you really are. There’s nothing worse than looking […]

How To Feel When My Brother Doesn’t Look Anything Like Me

Kids don’t have to understand race to recognize differences in how they look. So why shouldn’t we talk about it?

90-Year-Old Man Recalls His Long Journey With Coming Out And Finding Inner Peace

At 90 years old, Hector Black has been out for 20 years. Now he shares the story of how he arrived at his late-in-life coming out.

The Sex I Wanted and the Sex I Deserved

As a queer cripple, I’ve come to realize that spontaneous sex is an illusion.

What I’ve Learned from the Man with Many Faces

For Erin Kelly, being a fan of Steve Carell isn’t about just the laughs. It’s about growth and gratefulness.

Not Your Typical Underwear Models

Bronzer? Six-packs? Hair waving in the fake breeze? Nope. None of those here.

If You Could Be Straight, Would You?

If you could choose to be other than you are, would you?

When are You Going to Cut Your Hair?

I’ll cut my hair when the hair when the war is over

Sometimes Getting Lost is the Best of Things

Quentin Lucas explores storytelling’s roll in his journey into manhood.

The Beauty and Truth of the Vain, Gay, Passive-Aggressive Facebook User

You might know this person. The bigger question is…are you this person? Well, of course not! Couldn’t be!