How My Partner’s Transition Gave Me a Schlubby Ape-Man Complex

What does she see?

When Jason Rozek’s partner began to transition genders, he become acutely aware of things he might never have considered before.

How to Handle the Middle-Aged Hoax


Anthony Carter pondered on what to do and decided it was time for “No more Mr. Nice Gay.”

“I find chemistry to be a bigger definer of attraction…than what society has told me I should like in a man.”


This comment by Erin on the post 3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful

3 Reasons Why Women Don’t Know They Are Beautiful


Many women these days have never been told nor shown that they are beautiful. Here’s why.

When Your Mojo’s Gone

The author. When he had his Mojo.

Simms Jr. had sex appeal. He thought. But it hasn’t seemed that way, recently. Here, he examines the disappearance of his mojo.

Soul Bites: The Truth Behind the Peacock

peacock behind

Pope Francis with a simple lesson on vanity.

Into the Light: Men, Body Image, and Eating Disorders

men are not alone

JJ Vincent hopes that the nascent conversation about men and eating disorders keeps growing.

Me, Food, and the Child Inside


Shaky Shergill opens up about the roots of his relationship with food and his own body.

Looks Are Everything After All


When exactly did hotness become a competition nobody can opt out of?

Living With Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


Borderline Personality Disorder… The Other BPD

Maxing Out My Masculinity While Listening to Cat Power


Powerlifter and strongman N. C. Harrison completes a particularly grueling workout with some soulful help from his favorite chanteuses.

How Cary Grant Taught Me To Love Sleep Apnea


Learning to accept the indignities of aging with dignity.

Having a Big Body Part Has Haunted Me Forever

Merv's Bikini-1

It was only Merv Kaufman stopped caring that the self-consciousness and self-loathing finally vanished.

On Body Acceptance: Woof, Take a Look at that Bear!


Beset with body issues for much of his life, powerlifter N.C. Harrison found solace in the fact that the gay bear subculture not only accepted but openly admired men like him.

Do Men Look in the Mirror? (When it’s a High-Tech, 3-D Mirror from They Sure Do)

jonathan-coon copy

Try on eyeglasses from the comfort of your iPad. Part of the try on revolution.

“BlaQueer is actively showing himself just as he is, which is the opposite of the media’s ‘if you don’t look like this, you are inadequate’ message.”


These are comments by Salvice on the post “I Want the World to See The Man I See in Myself”.