Love After a Narcissist: Preparing to Learn, Trust & Date Again

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Finding love after a breakup is hard to do; finding love after a narcissist can be even harder. Regain your sense of self and trust with these helpful steps.

8 Things You Can Do to Fix Your Broken Relationship


Can you create a better relationship with your partner or should you give up?

The Importance of Living Without Personal Fears


People are afraid of countless things but the last thing we should ever fear is ourselves. Removing fears based around personal insecurities is an empowering, and simple, process.

Question of the Day: What Defines You, as a Man?


Is it your brute strength, your cunning wit, your charm, or your ability to change a baby with one hand while drinking coffee with the other?

Can You Care About Society and Environment?

SELF -'s Cause of the Month

There should be no line between society and environment. S.E.L.F. has found one way to balance the two!

Man On Fire: The Destructive Power Of Self-Mutilation

heat on black

After he lost his brother, Jarad Dewing tried everything to release the pain locked inside of him.

My Ego Pissed Somebody Off and That’s OK


Atalwin Pilon wonders about the tradeoffs of honesty and likeability.

What Makes Me Unique?


If you have the courage to lead others you should also have the courage to change yourself.

A Shot in the Light: A True Story


One night on the way to L.A. from Vegas, Lion Goodman had a brush with death when he heard an explosion and realized he was bleeding.

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He Stole My Special Thing. He Stole My Identity. And He Was My Brother…

sexuality, gender, homosexuality, LGBT, gay runs in families, Mamamia,

How to come out after your brother did it first: Jame Aitken’s journey to self love and acceptance.

Secondary Survivors


For those that love us and are aware of our past: the other survivors of abuse.

Row, row, row your boat


Strange dreams in India lead to a self-realization

Gandhi on Knowledge Without Character


Goodness is something you practice.

Who Am I Doing This For, Again?


David Zucker is done with trying to look like a model.

Technology: BMW’s Self Driving Car Hits The Autobahn

Time to sit back and enjoy the ride as the car of the future could be here much sooner than you think.

What if Love From Others Is Not Enough?


Carlo Alcos knows he needs to learn to love himself, but that doesn’t manke it any less frightening.