Ted Cruz’s Journey Into The Wilderness

The conservative firebrand from Texas isn’t going to be president anytime soon.

We Don’t Need New Blood In Congress

Structural factors, not a lack of “new blood”, is what’s driving American politics right now.

Bipartisanship Is No Utopia

Washington gridlock can be annoying, but that doesn’t mean bipartisan consensus produced outcomes that are necessarily more popular.

Mitch McConnell Is No Genius

Yes the incoming Senate Majority Leader is a successful politician, but he’s hardly some political superman.

Who Wants to Get Something Done in DC? Anyone?

Getting anything done in Washington seems impossible. Up to us to demand work and results from our representatives, which will only get done with cooperation.

They say it’s a GOP Wave. Hope You’re a Good Swimmer

Many Americans voted to give control of both house of congress to the Republican party. Time will tell if this was a wise choice on their part.

Ignore All That Mandateology

Politicians win elections, they don’t win mandates.

Republicans Take Senate: What Midterm Wins Mean for Obama, Congress and America

There will be big changes on Capitol Hill following the Republicans electoral wins.

Our Future Do Nothing Congress

The Republicans could take unified control of Congress in next week’s elections, but don’t expect a whole lot to change.

John Oliver Debates Minimum Wage. Living Wage Anyone?

The federal minimum wage has not been adjusted since 2009 and does not provide a living wage for full time work. Time to fix it?

Rand Paul Should Be Ashamed Of Himself

It’s one thing for regular people to panic over Ebola, but Rand Paul has no excuse to stoke those fears.

Why Political Reporters Can Seem So Shallow

Political reporters can come across as shallow because they spend too much time covering process over substance.