When It Comes To Fighting Child Mortality, a Condom Can Make All The Difference

Jean Pierre-Kanedry

Jean Pierre-Kanedry delivers contraceptives to health clinics in Senegal.

The Courage to Use Our Own Understanding: Valedictorian Address


“Knowing is not the same as engaging” Adam Moscoe speaks at the University of Ottawa.

Wrestling Match of the Year: Senegal

Screen Shot 2012-05-25 at 4.21.34 PM

Jamie Reidy shares an impressive video of the biggest wrestling match of the year in Senegal.

Tony Okungbowa on Music, His New Film ‘Restless City’, and Life as Ellen DeGeneres’ DJ

Screen Shot 2012-04-24 at 9.44.50 PM

Joanna Schroeder chats with Ellen DeGeneres’ sidekick, Tony Okungbowa, about his new film Restless City, which is the story of a Senegalese immigrant making his way in New York City.