Sensitive Guys Make Better Lovers


Just one more reason why Drake equals BAE.

What It Means To Be A Man

Sarah Fader is a single mom who wants to raise her son to be a good man. Here’s how she plans to do it.

Sensitive Men Can Save The Planet


The time has come to break the outdated, rigid male code that insists that all men should be aggressive, thick-skinned, and unemotional.

For Crying Out Loud, Can We Please Stop Calling Them Highly Sensitive Men?


Mark Greene asks, how is it that empathic men have been collectively tagged as “easily hurt” or “delicately aware?” Who made that decision?

“Be A Man!” The War Cry, The Tragedy.

In this excerpt from his new book, The Remade Parent, author Brett Hetherington, talks about the typical cold, distant father. And their impressionable sons.

To the Young, Sensitive, and Somewhat Anxious. From a Fellow Man.

photo by sara biljana

Aaron Kahn, with a simple, easy-to-digest list of things you can do to keep calm, remain stoic with your feet planted firmly in the ground.

Who Knew Men Had Feelings?

men bus

Dani Paradis grew up thinking men didn’t have body image issues, and that they just didn’t get their feelings hurt the same way women do. Boy, was she wrong.

Smashing Male Stereotypes


We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

I Am a Highly Sensitive Man


Although being a highly sensitive person is equally common among women and men, being a sensitive man remains misunderstood.

The Circumcised Poet and Other Tales


No matter what has been cut away, what remains is whole.