The Subtlety of Emotional Abuse

Women aren’t crazy—we simply have feelings and have every right to express them without being invalidated or labeled as crazy.

A Dad’s Letter to His Daughter

Steve Garrett has taken a thorough look at the men in the world. He decided to write is daughter a letter about them. Here are his thoughts.

The Sound And The Fury: When Noise Makes You Crazy

Did you know there was a name for your hatred of that sound?

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m more of a hard man.’

This Comment of the Day was by -Dj- on the post “Vulnerable Men: A Look at the Softer Side”.

We Can Make America BETTER: 5 Conversations

I see a lot of arguments about America being a “great country”. I think we should focus on a different question.

How to Help Highly Sensitive Employees Thrive

Sensitivity and vulnerability in the workplace can take your organization to the next level, if you know how to create an environment for all employees to flourish.

Rappers, Writers, Bleeding and the Art of Soft Power

Anyone can whip up a blog post and pour their heart out. If you want to be great, Matthew Sweet shows you the way.

7 Things a New Dad Needs to Know About His Spouse After the Baby’s Birth

As a dad welcomes his first birth child, change will hit the household. Luis Velasquez has 7 that the dad needs to know about his spouse.

Why I Am Teaching My Son That Tears Take Courage

Colette Sartor wants to encourage, not quash, her son’s ability to cry, and notices that it challenges her own feelings about emotions and crying.

America the Great…Have You Gone Soft On Us?

Timothy Meanwell Feels Americans Are Becoming Overly Sensitive

Guys, Stop Pretending Your Breakup Didn’t Hurt

Breakup expert Matt Shumate explains how leaning in to post-breakup pain makes you—and your next relationship—stronger.

A Dad Resolves to Raise His Son as a Feminist

Author Dan Arel was advised to tone down the feminism in his latest book. Here is why he chose not only to NOT do that, but to “tone it up” in his son as well.

How To Love Your Highly Sensitive Partner

Jordan Gray says that highly sensitive people need love too… they just need it a little bit differently.

Is “Emotionally Gay” A Thing?

Is there really such a thing as “hetero-normative,” or does that exist solely in the minds of those conditioned to believe so? Where do you exist on the spectrum of human sexuality?

10 Important Reasons To Start Making Time For Silence, Rest, & Solitude

We have to give silence and solitude a chance.

Why I Needed To Become A Big Brother

LeRon Barton thought that boys needed to be toughened up, until he started mentoring one. My mother had always told me when I was younger, “If you’re not helping out, then you are not doing anything,” and that had stuck with me for a long time. From volunteering in soup kitchens, tutoring people in computer […]