What Remains: The Artifacts of Family Life During a Separation

What Remains: The Artifacts of Family Life During a Separation

Ben Railton reflects on the moments of beauty and sadness that visit him while cleaning up after his kids once they’ve gone to stay with their mother.

The Next Chapter: Reading with My Sons During My Divorce

The Next Chapter: Reading with My Sons During My Divorce

During a difficult time, Ben Railton struggled to share one of his favorite childhood books with his sons, a reading experience that bonded them in unexpected ways.

Don’t Forget to Perform Maintenance on Your Marriage (A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way)

Love is being stupid together by nattu

Derrick Dupuis wished that someone would have explained how to create a marriage that works for both people. Now he would like you to use him as a cautionary tale.

Making Peace with Mum and Dad

mum and dad photo richard hurd

Sherri Rosen shares her experience of why it’s so important to reconcile with your parents when they die.

Five Ways to a Failed Marriage

divorce- banjo d-flickr

Dad Under Fire is learning the hard way how easy it is to lose a marriage. He wants you to learn from his mistakes.

The Impact of Individuals on a Man

The Power of the Individual

Luke Davis on the importance and change a person can have on another.

The Optical Delusion That Imprisons Us


Albert Einstein on the delusion that keeps us from compassion and connectedness.

So Your Wife Left You. Now What?

photo by londonmatt

Joe Berkeley knows what it is like to go through a gut-wrenching divorce. He has a few words of advice.

To Each Their Own Taste


As a chef, Jarad Dewing wishes his children weren’t such picky eaters. But he’s learning to adjust.

Moving Beyond the Relationship Blame Game


Freya Watson believes only when men and women see other as spiritual beings with lessons to learn, will the mutual wounding stop.

Apologies of an Absent Father to His Son

photo by slgckgc

Pete Wilson, with a poem to his teenage son whom he hasn’t seen in years.

Apologies to a Daughter From an Absent Father

photo by moyan_brenn

Pete Wilson writes a poem to his daughter whom he hasn’t seen in three years.

Learning To Be Alone Again


After ten years of marriage, Nathan Graziano is finding being alone a different challenge from his old single days.

You Don’t Have to Take Your Clothes Off to Be Naked: Love as Performance Art

Ulay visits Marin

Performance artists Ulay and Marina Abromović meet at MOMA after having separated for decades.

100 Words on Love: Triage

ambulance time lapse

He watched as I pointed to the letters one by one, h-e-l-p-m-e.

Separation As A Test Of Love


We learn a lot about how we feel for a wife and children when we have to spend a chunk of time away.