Boxed Out

Relationships can be boxed out, Steve Garret will help you to see yours for what it is.

How Did Public Bathrooms Get to be Separated by Sex in the First Place?

Terry S. Kogan addresses why the US began passing bathroom separation laws.


Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ FEATURING GUEST COLUMNIST: RANDY SIMONS It was early October. Cold. […]

Together Apart: 4 Reasons People Who Want to Get Divorced Don’t

It’s not all doom and gloom — but careful planning is necessary to safeguard the future of yourself and your children.

5 Reasons Adult Children Can Be Traumatized By Their Parent’s Divorce

They might be grown up and everything, but they’re still your kids. And your split is likely to rock their world.

10 Tips for the Divorced Man to Gain and Maintain the Thriving Mentality

Are you growing or declining? The thriving choice is all yours. Bill Douglas gives you 10 tips on how to do it and how to keep it going.

Comment of the Day: ‘I walked away from mine too.’

The pain that comes from divorce can be difficult for a man to move past.

A Dad’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words: How to Make a Child Feel Loved When You Can’t Be Present

Kenny Vaughn tells the story of a dad who inspired him, a dad who while in the line of fire never lost sight of his religious faith or the love of his kids. His story.

Oscar Special: Enough of ‘The Revenant,’ Here Are 8 Best Foreign Films

Jesse Kornbluth, with eight amazing foreign films worth seeing.

Did She Really Divorce Him Because He Left Dishes by the Sink?

Is a dirty glass more important than marital peace? Matthew Frey questions what sunk his marriage.

Spat, with Birdseed

A husband comes to terms with an ending relationship in Lynn Marie Houston’s poem.

A Step-Mom Wants Dedicated Dads to Continue to Fight for Their Kids, Even Against Hope

In divorce, the arrangements for kids can be tough. One step-mom encourages dads to hang in, even when things get tough.

The Essence of POPS the Club

The Pain of the Prison System (POPS) is a club that truly changes how students process the emotions that come with having loved ones in prison.

A Simple Way to Stop Screwing Up Your Relationships

Chuck Chapman identifies the #1 relationship mistake we make and tells us how to fix it.

Six Months a Year Without My Kids?

A mother of three explains one of the most difficult challenges handed to her yet.

What Happens When You Walk Through the Fire

One woman digs through the ashes for answers.