Daughter Praises Dad for Unconditional Love

Shoebox Letters collects 30 letters by daughters written to their fathers

Ten Things I’ve Learned – New Series

Josh Bowman explores a new format for the next few weeks at Ten Things I’ve Learned.

Television: Taking A Look Back At Eureka As Its Last Episodes Prepare To Air

The brilliant series soon comes to a close, but not before we take a look at what’s gone on so far.

Blackwatch TV Extra: Game of Thrones Season Two Begins TONIGHT! [@gameofthrones]

The new season of the hit George R.R. Martin adaptation comes to HBO this very eve!

The Good Men Project Presents The Good Voice Campaign

All around us there are voices that deserve to be heard. A call for submissions to Good Men Project’s latest on-going series.

Culture: Awkward Girl Raises Over $50,000 For Web Series [@awkwardblkgrl]

Black America’s favorite web series, “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl,” almost didn’t make it to the end of its season due to financial strain.

Escapism: Iron Man & Wolverine Anime Hits Your TV Screen

G4’s much-anticipated original anime series, Iron Man and Wolverine, have finally received their summer premiere dates. The network announces that shows will premiere on Friday, July 29. [Video]

News: Word on the Tweets from July 3, 2011

When It’s Komplicated’s producer, Hannibal Tabu, contacted the actor on Twitter, he had this to say, “There’s a lot to look forward to. GL2 & JL, no need to dwell on that.” The actor has confirmed that he is signed for a Justice League movie, also. That’s the business!

Why Can’t I Wait to Go Camping? Hint: Cake-in-an-Orange on the Campfire

Show Me Now is bound to entertain and will most definitely not disappoint, assuming you’re not counting on it to turn you into MacGyver.