Memorial Day: Through the Eyes of a Veteran

Sean Davis remembers the fallen soldiers he served with and looks ahead to new challenges.

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Five Thoughts on Being Good From ‘Five Love Languages’ Author Gary Chapman

There are many ways to be an exemplary man. Service to others, including family, is surely one of them.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The King, Sovereign of Desire

I sit on the throne and people gather ‘round, but first I must rule the desires of my heart.

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Task 47: Connect With Someone In the Military

Freedom definitely isn’t free. Have you connected with those responsible for it’s protection?

Sharing Faith: How I Found Healing at a Funeral

Being present for others during their time of need can lessen your own pain

Thank You for Your Service and Welcome Home!

Veteran: One who wrote a blank check to Uncle Sam for up to and including their life.

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Lessons from a 94 Year Old Lover

“Connect with others first, then worry about the details.”

True Financial Freedom for Men

“Who would have thought that the key to escaping the man-box is to give unconditionally? “

Washing the Feet of the Homeless

Teaching our children to be humble by role modeling selfless service.

Transforming Nightmares to Dreams Through Service

I was a sophomore in college and a fairly self-centered person. What I have learned is that life is about doing good for others.

Behind the Scenes With Good Fraternity Men Gathered in New Orleans

In the headlines are the poor choices young fraternity men make in regards to alcohol overconsumption, misogynistic treatment of women, and degrading practices for new members. Behind the scenes are the men (and women) proactively working to eradicate those headlines.