A Woman Is More Than the Sum of Her Parts

A Woman Is More by torbakhopper

Siobhán Lynch says Elinor Burkett’s complaint about Caitlyn Jenner becoming a stereotypical woman doesn’t add up.

Born Funny


Stan Brooks says good-bye to fellow writer and friend Peter—and also to the brilliantly funny PJ Torokvei.

[Video] Husband Learns Wife was Born a Man, Wants Annulment

Head in Hands

After 19 years of marriage the husband believes he’s “been assaulted.”

My New Male Privilege


lore m. dickey discusses the advantages of his gender transition from female to male.

The 10 at 10

Giants Dodgers Baseball

A chicken gives itself a sex change, all pop songs are the same, and Prince William won’t wear a wedding band.

There and Back Again: Charles Kane’s Odd Anti–Sex Change Crusade

Daily Mail Femail Charles Kane and fiancee Victoria 15/10/2010

Kane was born Sam Hashimi, a businessman who divorced his wife and spent over £100,000 to become Samantha Kane in 1987. In 2005, he dished out over £25,000 to return to manhood—skin-graft penis and all—reinventing himself this time as Charles.