Abstinence-Focused Driver’s Education

Lego man in car by boy with skateboard

…if cars were supposed to have more than one driver they’d have been made with more that one steering wheel. — The most important thing you can learn about driving is not to drive until you can afford to own your own car.  You really have no reason to drive until you own a car. […]

When it Comes to Health Care, Young Gay Men are Falling Through the Cracks

gay men and health

Health-care providers need to view the health of young gay men within a broader context of personal health and not solely defined by HIV.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Teaching Teens to Negotiate Sexual Intimacy

young love

If we acknowledge that sex can be a positive experience, we are better able to portray sex and intimate relationships as something worth waiting for.

Let’s Talk About Sext, Baby

Lets Talk About by Pro Juventute

Lisa Duggan says we should stop shaming our kids for their sexual urges and start acknowledging adolescent sexual desire and encouraging its healthy expression.

Dads, Sons and “The Talk”

The "Talk"

Dad’s giving their sons “The Talk” are often moments of extreme discomfort for both parties and can sometimes be a source of very funny stories –here is one such case.

Should Dads Talk To Their Kids About Menstruation?


Researchers are asking fathers how they approach menstruation education with their children

The Talk: Cruising Towards Puberty


CJ Kaplan’s son needs his dad to answer some questions about puberty. It’s a dance father and son take together.

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

condoms, sex ed

“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

The Way I Heard It [Fiction]

sex talk, don't tell me, father and son bonding, the sex talk, sex ed

Oh no, not the sex talk, Dad. Please. But he does, and it’s worse than I imagine. [Fiction]

STDs and Men’s Sexual Health: 2/12


The STD Project and The Good Life are sparking a conversation on male sexual health in the 21st century.

What Sex Education Could Be Like


Does sex ed include information on human interactions beyond ‘here’s where the parts go’?

Five Things I Didn’t Know About My Body


They say female sexuality is mysterious. Olivia Davis explores some things about female sexuality and anatomy that even she didn’t know.

“We need to stop treating female virginity like a treasure and male virginity like a curse.”


This is a comment by Danny on the post “Can’t Get Laid”.

Is Holding Hands a Gateway Sexual Activity?


Joanna Schroeder wonders how the state of Tennessee hopes to educate young people on how to protect themselves if it’s illegal to mention “gateway sexual activities”.

Tennesee’s New Sex-Ed, Or Lack Thereof


HeatherN hopes the new Tennessee law isn’t as disastrous as research suggests it may be.

“I never wanted that desperate have-sex-with-whoever-is-willing-just-so you’re-not-a-virgin act.”

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This comment is from Jake on the open thread discussion “How Did You Learn About the Birds and the Bees?”