Raising Better Men Starts With How Boys Treat Girls

What is wrong with boys these days? Tony Amore turns the hose on those rabid teenagers.

Sex Education is letting British Teenagers Down

We need to look deeper at our society and the moral meanings that are attached to sexuality, sexual behaviour and sex and relationship education.

Sex, and Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll – Version 2.0

What I learned from my mom and dad about alcohol. 1. My dad was a full-blown alcoholic. 2. My mom rebelled against that alcoholism. 3. They divorced when I was 6 and my dad drank himself to death.

What Men Should Have Learned in Sex Ed

Not pleasing your woman in bed? Well here’s what they didn’t teach you in school.

What Your Kids Need to Know About Sexting

If your kid is in middle school, you MUST be talking about the ethics of sexting. Joanna Schroeder shows you how.

The 7 Best Things You Can Teach Your Kids About Sex

Jordan Gray says that sexual education should come from our parents. And these are the seven things they need to make sure they’re telling their children.

Sex-Ed In America: The Problem With Teaching Abstinence

The only checklist needed for sex is consent and protection.

Abstinence-Focused Driver’s Education: What You Need to Know

“If cars were supposed to have more than one driver they’d have been made with more that one steering wheel.” What if we approached driver’s ed like we do sex-ed? DiaryDad  thinks you’re ready for ‘the talk’. — The most important thing you can learn about driving is not to drive until you can afford to […]

When it Comes to Health Care, Young Gay Men are Falling Through the Cracks

Health-care providers need to view the health of young gay men within a broader context of personal health and not solely defined by HIV.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Teaching Teens to Negotiate Sexual Intimacy

If we acknowledge that sex can be a positive experience, we are better able to portray sex and intimate relationships as something worth waiting for.

Let’s Talk About Sext, Baby

Lisa Duggan says we should stop shaming our kids for their sexual urges and start acknowledging adolescent sexual desire and encouraging its healthy expression.

Dads, Sons and “The Talk”

Dad’s giving their sons “The Talk” are often moments of extreme discomfort for both parties and can sometimes be a source of very funny stories –here is one such case.

Should Dads Talk To Their Kids About Menstruation?

Researchers are asking fathers how they approach menstruation education with their children

The Talk: Cruising Towards Puberty

CJ Kaplan’s son needs his dad to answer some questions about puberty. It’s a dance father and son take together.

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

The Way I Heard It [Fiction]

Oh no, not the sex talk, Dad. Please. But he does, and it’s worse than I imagine. [Fiction]