Sex Education, Please

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The worst case scenario of a poor sex education is not an unhealthy sexual identity. It’s the unplanned birth of a child.

Help Support Real Sex Education


The internet’s best sex information resource for teenagers needs your help.

Planned Parenthood Kicks off ‘National Condom Week’ to Promote Safe Sex

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The group’s efforts to encourage Americans to make healthy sexual choices haven’t been without some controversy.

“Healthy sexuality…makes you feel good about yourself rather than causing you distress.”

Sex Talk

This comment by Sandra Mellott on the post What Happens When We Don’t Teach Boys About Sex?

Talking to to Your Kids About Pornography

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How do you have healthy, age-appropriate conversations with kids about pornography? Dr. Timaree Schmit offers a helpful guide for parents.

7 Things Sex Education Should Have Taught Us But Didn’t

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Mark Manson explains how much better life can be when we embrace sexuality and understand ourselves better.

Everything We Think About Porn is Wrong


Shifting the blame onto pornography is little more than self-diversion from our own failings

Illinois Passes Bill for Comprehensive Sex-Ed in Public Schools

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“In fantasy land, we teach our kids abstinence—and they listen.”

On the Rejection of Sexual Abuse Prevention Education


Knowing how to teach sexual abuse prevention education means nothing unless there’s an opportunity to do so.

I’m a Dad and I Don’t Want the Government to Force My Daughter to Talk to Me About Contraception [OpEd]

Plan B, Hugo Schwyzer, Good Men Project

Hugo Schwyzer, father of a daughter and a son, supports unfettered access to emergency contraception like Plan B.

5 Unrealistic Sex Moves Men Learn from Watching Porn

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Lori Lothian believes porn has the potential to mislead men about the best bedroom moves to use with real-life women.

A Boy’s First Look at Puberty

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“Your son’s been distracted by girls,” Miss Pelley informed Robert Steven Williams’ mother. “He’s a bit early on the curve. Have you had the birds and the bees discussion?”

The Consent Challenge


Shireen Noble offers a personal challenge: a way to actively engage with consent culture in your own life.

Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide To You-Know-What

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Steve Coruzzi’s sex education was woefully incomplete.

Kansas House Passes ‘Sweeping’ Anti-Abortion Bill

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The new measure declares life begins “at fertilization.”

Little Wanker

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Andy Bodle was a precocious youth with an excess of curiosity and desire.