“Get a Room!” – Ditch the Marriage Therapy and Shack Up Together

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Guard and nurture your love after parenthood.

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The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship

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The Secret to More Intimacy In Marriage

Who doesn’t want to create more intimacy in our relationships? Why is this such a difficult thing in marriage?

The Love My Wife Needs From Me

Zach Rosenberg learned that the key to a better sex life was unlocking the spark he and his wife have always shared.

A Married Man’s Sexual Epiphany

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Mark D. White challenges a Wall Street Journal article that uses tired and insulting clichés about men and sex.

The Sexy Husband With the Vacuum Cleaner

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Call for Anonymous Submissions

In an effort to encourage more men to write, the Marriage Section formally annouces a call for anonymous submissions.

Sharing Your Sexual Fantasies

Dr. Adam Sheck identifies common roadblocks couples encounter when trying to build passion, and offers solutions to move past them.

Open Thread: Why Are Men Reluctant to Write About Marriage?

Most of the submissions to the Marriage Section come from women. Gint Aras continues to wonder if this is a symptom of something greater.

Self-reflection Following a Divorce

Taking a good sober look at oneself following a divorce is scary but necessary.