No, a Man Who is Sex-Positive isn’t Automatically a Player

A personal story about how my being sex-positive was interpreted as being a possible predator by a popular tech company in the bay area.

Let’s Talk About Sex: Teaching Teens to Negotiate Sexual Intimacy

If we acknowledge that sex can be a positive experience, we are better able to portray sex and intimate relationships as something worth waiting for.

The Real Difference Between Mediocre and Mindblowing Sex

“Bad sex is a mechanical exercise involving body parts, forgotten as soon as it’s over. Great sex makes you experience the ordinary in an extraordinary way.”

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Learning to let go of the toxic shames and developing a positive relationship with shame is an ongoing process.

Why I’m Not Bisexual (Even Though My OKCupid Profile Says So)

Saul of-Hearts thinks his definition of bisexuality doesn’t really match up with anyone else’s. And that’s more than ok.

Call for Submissions: Gender and Sexuality

JJ Vincent is looking for a few good writers. Do you have a story to tell?

How About We End the War on Sex?

“Men fare little better. We are viewed as sexual junkies who seek to satisfy our relentless physical appetites at the expense of all who cross our paths. We are not to be trusted.”

How Submissive Sex Helped a Rape Survivor Recover

Author Jane Devin overcame fear to embrace an unlikely ally

“There’s so much that promotes horrible views about sexuality that both men and women fall victim to it.”

This is a comment by QuantumInc on the post “On Withholding Sex”.

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Is porn a good thing?

My Sexorcism

The Sexless Father writes about reinvigorating his sex life from the inside out. If you free your mind, will your ass really follow?

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Josh Bowman wonders if on-campus mentor programs can combat a culture of hyper-sexualized aggressive masculinity, and counter some of the lessons learned from watching porn at young age.

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Lisa Solod wants young women to understand that feminism is about much more than just sex.